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Negative cleansing Reiki broom!

Negative cleansing Reiki broom!

₹18,500.00 Regular Price
₹14,800.00Sale Price
Reiki healing art for protection from  emotional abuse from family.Reiki energy,Sigil, Sacred code artwork for being shielded from emotional abuse by family. Reiki broom to swipe off negative energies. Strong Protection symbol artwork. In case of verbal emotional abuse this breaks the person from within. Reiki assistance comes in from mystical ways making person confident assertive ,expressing self and supportive people. Results can be what the Universe chooses best for the healee.This is a small sized artwork, card.Acrylic , size is 3.5x7 inches. Price does not include frame. Shipping free.You can frame the artwork and use as bedside table art or office table art. Can also be kept in drawer ,Reiki will find its way to heal.*( Please remember Reiki healing art is not a replacement to medical physiological conditions or medicine treatment)Light Peace Blessings!The Red Pilgrim!!

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