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Pot of Golden Cho Ku Rei's

Pot of Golden Cho Ku Rei's

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Cho Ku Rei's! A pot of Abundance!Fantastic energy vase painting of Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei's.Vases and pots, fascinated with them since childhood and holding closely to my heart are the handed overs small Ming vases and ceramic cutlery.Pots symbolize happiness, abundance, prosperity and wealth. Old Feng shui Masters also linked pots to fertility an painting luck.Pots were and still are great Feng shui symbols of prosperity as they were used in Olden times to store grains, food, that indicated abundance. Good health and happiness.Cho Ku Rei's the writing of the beautiful symbol, triple coiled, brings loads of happiness in me, as if unknowingly I have awakened my Kundalini by this exercise of writing and rewriting the symbol umpteen times in my healing art.Cho Ku Rei is the most beautiful Power symbol in Reiki.The vase, pot with its beautiful orange and red colour brings out a beautiful contrast to the bright yellow background. Chinese symbols and characters form the base of the design over the pot, and then my beautiful Cho Ku rei's with happiness. The painting is done on oil sketch paper in acrylics in year 2016. size is 11x15 inches. Backed with textured maroon coloured hand made card paper.Without frame.Shipping free. Artwork is in Good Condition.All the Best from Rizwana!While on this spiritual artist's inner journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.All the Best from Rizwana!Thank You!Extra images of art display are done in an app of interior decor art display,  just for representative purposes, kindly check the exact size of the artwork in Details section. Thank you for understanding!
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