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Popping Pink ! Growth and Enlightenment

Popping Pink ! Growth and Enlightenment

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Popping pink, Awesum collection, the search for bringing out a shocking , hitting the heart response on viewing, found this shocking fluorescent pink color paper and began the healing heart abstracts, healing art for growth and success.

beautiful energy, feng shui energy for growth and happiness. Chinese symbols, Reiki symbols, dripping technique. size 10x15 inches, art paper and hand made florescent pink coloured paper. Year 2017. Artwork is signed and numbered and comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping is free.

Best modern Reiki healing artwork for modern decor home and office.

Going with the flow, silencing the mind, clarity, focus, as I continue painting healing art, with my beautiful Reiki symbol art, pure symbols, and going to basics, lines, it all began with lines in year 2000, yet the fascination continues. all the more loving my symbols and bringing positive changes with healing Reiki energy art.  Confidence, acceptance, self realization, peace, harmony, goodluck. tapping into the healing power of symbols.

The inspiration came from breaking even with restrictions, limitations and chains of negative binding beliefs. Since making art for past many  years, since year 2000, I have been trying out new techniques with art to heal. There were always some feelings of control, binding, and without hesitation going with the flow and letting life take its own path. Somehow in Reiki we are taught to let go and trust the Universe from day one! but it is definitely not easy, impossible for many, except for a few, who reach the Awesumness of an Awakened Kundalini!The feelings were out of this world, as if life stops let go of all the barriers, you learn to trust the paint and let it move about taking its own course, and what a beauty! The whole process is so soothing and healing.  I have been struggling with this idea since many years... art, has to be effortless, if it needs a lot of effort , it is not art! Somehow, learning to let go of all past, fears, anxieties and being grounded , trusting the Universe, A choice of always choosing good over negative, a choice made each second each moment... you always have a choice.

March 2017, acrylic on drawing cartridge paper backed with Popping Pink  coloured hand made  paper. size 10x15 inches. Art is in Good Condition in year 2021.

Thank you for coming by Razarts! Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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