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Effortless! Simply Kundalini!

Effortless! Simply Kundalini!

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Effortless,Kundalini, an Kundalini assisting abstract healing painting by Reiki Master Healing Artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi. Size of this painting is 45x58 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. Year- 2016.

Art is in Good Condition and comes with online Authenticity certificate signed by me. Will be Shipped in a tube. Shipping *conditions apply.

simply, wanted to bring in the effects of transformation effortlessly!

The beautiful feelings of Awakening, simply, and the after, the pure colours, all glowing with love and happiness, fluorescent pink, vibrant yellow, lime green, vibrant blue, going with the flow, beautifully expressing the energy.

The movement of chakra, expressed with colour symbolism. Each chakra with pure colours, all indicating effortless awakening. Then my favourite shape, the symbol, most powerful circle. A circle represents a whole Universe!Connectivity, movement and completeness.

The circular Golden shape make way for balance and harmony. It has been understood that the circle shape having no corners indicates the heaven and the earth and the whole universe. It is connected without any breaks and this indicates the completeness and connectivity of the heaven and earth. It also indicates limitless energy and abundance.

Golden circles represent the blessings, after effects of the Awakening of Kundalini, a blessing from the Universe. it works on your subconscious mind or the third eye.

Reiki symbols, my favourites!

along with Chinese symbols.

Wisdom, wealth, harmony, goodluck, enlightenment.

Reiki symbols of Emotional healing and the power symbol. Se He Ki , healing past , present and future. and Cho Ku Rei, simply meaning " Put the Power Here"Central focus on Divine Balance a beautiful Reiki symbol. Kundalini Awakening,Large sized healing paintings.

All the Best from Rizwana!

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