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Reiki Ashtamangala!  The Victorious Eight

Reiki Ashtamangala! The Victorious Eight

₹80,000.00 Regular Price
₹48,000.00Sale Price

Beautiful Auspicious Tibetan Ashtamangala blessings painting. Tibetan Mantra to flow easily in the life in all sectors, Victory , personal empowerment, family and complete earth and heaven blessings for abundant life. Om mani padme hum painting for home and office.

size 19x25 inches, acrylic on thick art paper and card paper. without frame. shipping free. comes with online authenticity certifcate.

This Ashtamangala artwork displayed at entrances of home and office, living rooms, northeast sectors, prosperity feng shuii Ba Gua space, welcome good feng shuii. Blessings!!

SKU: 00149

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