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All is Well in My World! My Life Overflows with health wealth love and prosperit

All is Well in My World! My Life Overflows with health wealth love and prosperit

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A beautiful modern abstract painting. After thousands of small paintings comes one large , healing Reiki symbol abstract this one is a style statement with tons of energy vibes, from the chaos to order, from the confusions to clarity. Going with the flow, silencing the mind, clarity, focus, as I continue painting healing art, with my beautiful Reiki symbol art, pure symbols, and going with emotions, knife technique, pouring paints, emerging Reiki symbols, sacred geometry, feng shui eye finds a place, the waves , All is Well in My World!

The loaded energy, all, has to be let out, and large canvas done in one sitting take me into a meditative energy trance. A self affirmations spiritual abstract healing painting.

size 48x64 inches, acrylic on canvas, year 2017.

Without frame

Shipping free.

Will be shipped as a roll in tube.

Comes with online Authenticity certificate.

Being in the moment, energy art, abstract symbolism, healing art, large canvas, geometry and symbols, interesting, intriguing and open to interpretations. From the knife and pours, and paint tube squeezing, there are what appear arches, that were seen in my cubism works of year 2005..The swift golden pink arches as if bringing a energy of protection, covering, shelter. Symbols come intuitively, Chinese symbols... harmony, happiness , Reiki symbols, mainly the Yin Yang balance and Abundance Magic star, Star of David. Going with sacred geometry and of course the eye, the feng shui eye.It is after a few years that I retrospect and see what actually I have painted. then I also see my Bestie Airavaat, the white elephant. The large canvas has interesting points that hold the eye and jumps from each part to another taking the viewer deep into the life of the artist and their own, forming a complete maze of life design. Bringing in harmony, happiness, peace, success and enlightenment. Intentions in making art are always the same, the presentations are different, yet the energy is the same, monomaniacal focus, for spreading joy and goodluck.

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!

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