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What is Your symbol of Goodluck? Symbol of Good Luck Paintings

Find the best symbol and win in life with Goodluck wall art! Feelings come up, A chirping bird at dawn brings welcoming goodluck, so also finding a feather brings feeling of angel protection with you. There are various symbols of Goodluck in different cultures and religions. These paintings of Goodluck are immensely beautiful and powerful to attract abundance and success. Choose whatever connects to your heart and enjoy the blessings from the Universe!

So Many Happy Hearts Goodluck Art

My Airavaat

Hindu Symbol Aum paintings

Healing Goodluck Paintings are coming up as the latest trend as wall art in home décor. They play a very important role in our lives as the viewer has exposure to the artworks on a daily basis. Goodluck Symbol paintings have a very positive effect on the mind of the viewer. Nowadays many paintings depicting Good Luck are emerging as having a universal appeal to all ages and cultures especially feng shui Goodluck paintings.

Different symbols are used in paintings to depict luck. Some artists use the white dove having a green leaf in its beak for peace and prosperity. The Bamboo plant and trees are a universal progress symbols as this plant grows any where even indoors with minimum maintenance. Paintings having flowers and green plants also indicate good luck and growth. The rainbow having soft colours is another very important symbol depicting harmony and peace. The Chinese culture uses language symbols known as Character to depict different emotions and feelings. I love these symbols and they form a major part of my paintings. Each character is written beautifully with positive intentions and I write from my heart raw calligraphy that is art. The Tibetan culture has the eight auspicious symbols ‘Ashtamangala’to depict luck and prosperity. The Indian Hindu culture uses symbol of Swastika and Aum as symbols of luck and abundance. In Islam the colour green as also the crescent shaped moon with a star represents happiness and peace.

Mai Yur Ma Goodluck painting

Some artists do symbolic works having Arabic texts like Bismillah, Allaho Akbar Subhan Allah etc and Urdu calligraphy artworks are loved by Muslim religion people. Representing luck by using objects is also a way of expression by the artist. Ships, ladders, open windows and doors all depict prosperity and good luck.

Symbols are a very important part of works to depict certain emotions and intentions of the artist. The viewer may relate to certain symbols differently depending on their religious, cultural and personal experiences. However symbolic artworks having good luck symbols have a universal appeal and are accepted by everyone.

Contemporary Aum

Some people use motivational texts, attractive titled artworks and some love abstracts that inspire them daily! Reiki is my Super Power!

Every symbol is powerful and beautiful in its own being. Choose only orignial hand painetd art, buy only from my website The Red Pilgrim's Healing art @Razarts. Only those the Universe chooses find me..



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