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This 2022 Make the Best of Family Blessings! Bonding Respect Love Reiki art for Family!

Family goals 2022, family blessings, starting new family, inviting baby luck, healing relationships between family members and spreading love and joy between the awesome mother in law daughters in law duos! This post will enlighten you with simple steps to activate joy in your family and also with added Reiki assistance how you can live a happy successful life taking the extra boosting power from your family.

Most homes lack the energy required and keep wondering why inspite of all financial blessings there seems to be no love between family members. Feng shui family corner simple cures for this auspicious new beginnings, let us strive for family happiness this 2022 and see our lives rise from ordinary to exceptional!! Family corner is the most neglected as many only focus on wealth and career sector. The fact is in fact once the family corner is activated so many things fall right into place which also includes health and wealth. Sharing new cures in form of symbols and art. Crystals are sure shot cures for activating relationships and family blessings. used since ages still crystal balls work wonders when hung with positive intentions in family corner.

Crystals for family feng shuii sector

Family blessings with harmony is very important for work progress, inspiration to work, will to act and take action, set positive goals and work upon them. The East can be activated with green healthy growing plants especially Chinese Bamboo Goodluck plants in pair are very good feng shuii. Here you also invite elders blessings. It is really important that you get elders blessings because this will affect your progress in this life and after. karmic influences have proved that hurdles in this elders sector can create undue blocks that will affect success prosperity and happiness within your family.

I have also seen family's curses' and negative evil eye brought by will have strong effect on family and this needs to be tackled immediately. Break the family Curse Reiki healing arts meditation

Inviting elders blessings is a simple effective way to progress. Disharmony between family members and especially mother in law daughters in law bickering's will take away joy from your home. Activate feng shuii to bring harmonious life.

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Reiki for empty nesters to keep family together-YouTube Channel The Red Pilgrim video

Important Simple Tips for family blessings-

1) The universe never loves anything single. choose things in pair. vases, flowers, birds, paintings in pairs activate family blessings.

2) specific symbols in reiki help activate abundance blessings. Life overflowing with health wealth abundance art. Family togetherness and bonding, love respect spreading among families. Sigils have such beautiful energy with specific intentions. I strive to bring faster results. Sacred codes, ancient symbols, wiccan, Zibu, Egyptian, Latvian, Runes, these keep fascinating me and I add the best combinations as inspirations come from my spirt guide.

3) Pair of green plants are good. Best feng shuii energy can be activated by growing plants. growing active energy is best and also uplifting.

4) Pair of crystals are very good. They really work wonders. The energy of stones and crystals is amazing and my love for gemstones continues with my Google blog Obsessed Over Stones

5) evil eye cures help deflect negativity coming towards your family. Very very important for family's togetherness. you never even realize how much evil eye arrows keep coming from known and unknown sources. check this collection Reiki Evil eye paintings

6) While studying ancient American and tribal symbols I read about feathers luck. white black feathers artworks are auspicious for inviting elders blessings. Many people hang photo frames of dead elders at home for blessings. If you wish to hang photos of your elders do not hang these in or near your bed in bedroom. choose a north east corner in your living room. Never hang photos of dead people facing the main door.

7) Find these areas which are most important. never have clutter and broken objects here. East and South west need to be activated. keep the areas clean. Broken and dirty space will affect relationships and health. If there are energy tussles and arguments between family members do check this sector now!!

8) Where does the eldest son stay? where do your elders choose their room? Family harmony is very important for progress in life. Disharmony uneasiness and arguments affect peace and progress and health of every member. If you have elders, parents choose east sector for them to stay. You will see they are happy at peace and with good health. Reiki blessings artworks can assist them with age health issues and chronic age related problems so that they lead a life of independence and joy.

9)Extended family blessings. if your children are single and want to get married (check love energy paintings) or have been and you like to keep your family bonded with love do invite Reiki blessing to maintain respect love health wealth and harmony ( specific intentions Reiki artworks) .

Sharing These two amazing energy small paintings especially for family, Its all about loving your family!! Family is where the real magics is!-

Thank you for coming by Razarts.

All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!!

Dedicated since more than two decades towards spreading Reiki with the world through my symbol healing paintings.

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