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Trigger Happiness chemicals hacking tips! How to save Personal life energy? Are You Hooked?

We all want to be happy! when was the last time you laughed? you felt really happy? Watch babies -how happy they seem without any care. Our original state is that and each soul has forgotten this purpose. Eat, act, talk, wear, live, work in things that bring you joy. Nowadays in fast paced life and technology ruling less and less experiences and energy exchanges we find people are facing issues with mental health and some just living life like a robot without actually ever experiencing the feelings emotions of real joy and bliss. I want to bring the souls back to this root emotion of joy and trust me it may not have everything to do with money! Wall art has been proved scientifically to trigger healing energies in form of colours shapes and subjects symbols. This post will give you practical tips ,do try these! much Joy to You!

Aligned Chakras! Unalome blessings painting for sale
Aligned Chakras! Unalome blessings

What are Happiness chemicals? and simple ways to hack these.

Dopamine-the reward chemical. This is released after completing a task. Doing some self care activities. Eating good food or favourite foods. Cleaning the room and house, buying space saver equipment and organizing home and office. Celebrating the little wins.

Serotonin- Termed as the mood stabilizer. Triggered by me time activities like exercising, swimming, cycling, running, walking in nature, gardening, sun light exposure, meditating.

Oxytocin- fondly termed as the love hormone. Feelings of joy and inner happiness triggered by playing with pets dogs birds cats.

Babies and doing fun activities with children's.

holding hands of closed ones, friends or lovers.

Hugging -so powerful means to start the release of this hormone. hugging your family, parents, siblings, friends.

Endomorphin- This is the pain killer. essential oils applications, laughter and laughing exercises. Watching a comedy film Eating dark chocolate. Exercising. Personally I have found exercising is a trigger that helps in most cases even with severe depression and chronic aches if done with proper guidance.

Find out what works for you and the next time the low moments are triggered or start hack them cheat the brain and start the happiness hormone mantra!

Experience live flow of free Reiki energy- One minute and short Reiki healing art meditation videos on You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim.

Check out Happiness paintings for Dining Rooms and family rooms Candilicous Kiwilicious and Chocoaltey inspiration paintings! surely will bring a smile and actually work!

Are you Hooked? discussing about the invisible hooks and energy chains , blockages of energies, that we carry for our lives unknowingly and how will you recognize and free yourself.

the meaning symbolism of word "hooked" in healing is we are attached to some people who are thought close family, friend, relatives, may be unaware that they are draining our energy. Each of our chakra sends out energy cords, hooks, threads, that are attached to the other people. This is the reason why we are attracted to some one or repel talking to some other one. The first cord begins from birth between the mother and child. Umbilical cord.

Then as the child is born she/he may connect with other family , father, siblings, friends, relatives etc.

These energy cords help us to be connected, help us to love and understand and protect our near and dear ones. It is true when people say the baby gets hurt the mother feels the pain or know it even if she is not present. Siblings ,twins have often had experiences similar to each other. This is true for any close relationships and this may not always be related but the attachment energy cords connect, thus sometimes we feel a strong energy even in crowd when some one far away is staring at us. Or maybe some one with a strong healthy glowing aura enters we feel the whole environment charged with positivity, this happens with highly spiritual people.

Problems begin when the other starts taking undue advantage of personal chi of the other. relationships begin to suffer, one of them starts feeling energy drain and the other does not realize this truth and keeps benefiting from other persons chi. Most of the time from People close, mates, parents, friends, siblings, work office colleagues, boss, start taxing the other person, and many times making them feel guilty, responsible for the situations and thus taking undue advantage of their chi, energy. Pity, guilt, sacrificing, verbal and physical abuse, etc are negative emotions that need to be changed to positive healthy and caring relationships. The care must come from heart and not from compulsion, the hooks or cords when healthy help to have a mutually beneficial relationship and spreads love and forms strong bonding.

Some of the energy hooks may also be of past life carried into this life thus resulting in loss of trust, not having healthy relationships and many people suffer from commitment and thus have bad marriages, lose or hop jobs frequently, and lead a unstable life. When you see people suffer as they cannot take a single step even after explaining to them or they realizing the benefits-that is because of the fed negative thoughts since childhood-self limiting beliefs.

How will you recognize this, I am mentioning a few examples, but this may not totally be relevant and remember each case is different and there is a much wider energy perspective to healing.

1) always feel energy drain, tired even after having healthy diet.

2)Restless sleep, feeling compulsion to help/ care for the other person always.

3)Giving hundred percent time, efforts, energy to one person at cost of personal self care and health.

4) One sided relationships, where the other person does not reciprocate the same emotions, respect love and care.

5) In case of any sickness or being unable to perform tasks and care the other person gets irritated and angry, sometimes violent, this indicates the unhealthy energy in relationship where you are hooked and your personal chi is draining.

6) In or continuing the relationships without receiving the same energy, love, care, understanding from the other.

In case of external energy drainers you can back off and leave the space. The first step is always discussion and sharing, usually the other person does not realize this effect on you and are unawares of this energy sucking tendency they have. Then if this does not work, try to find ways mutually that help to heal the relationships. Even in cases of employers and work one can change jobs to a more healthy environment and supportive colleagues.

In family and personal relationships they have to be healed to continue leading a happy life ahead. In some cases it may be your energy lack also , maybe a weak root chakra or a weak solar plexus leading to feeling of strong dependency and attachment to the other, thus going out of the way in caring for the other.

1) Physical grounding, Exercising and eating healthy diet helps one to feel grounded.

2) meditation for some time, helps, especially in the north east sector, the feng shui area for personal development and chi energy.

3) learning to develop healthy relationships by conversing and sharing your personal needs.

4) Energy healing from a healer requires to untangle the stuck up energy cords, that are distorted and wrongly attached and to make way for a healthy energy flow between the two or fresh start.

5) Reiki symbols when charged with positive intention of the healer helps one to develop self acceptance, confidence and sharing, unblocking the energy stuck up in one or many chakras and thus allowing the individual to develop healthy relationships and live a stable well adjusted life. Stop the feelings of incompleteness, or being not enough.

6) positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with healing colors and symbols helps to adjust your personal chi to your surroundings.

7) proper placement of furniture and objects, feng shui, the element theory and following sacred shapes, geometry and the balancing the energy of the environment may help to heal your personal chi and keep positive energy active by harmonizing the elements in your space.

Cases come up where parents, siblings, partners have been found to be energy drainers. Some people break free and live but the thoughts of guilt remain. This also ahs to be cleared. In this life journey not all are meant to be in our full life. some have to leave for your peace and progress. Reiki will make way for healed relationships and bring forthe what is best for you.

Reiki Energy healing is a pure energy, a Reiki Master is just a pure hollow channel who transmits the energy to others, Reiki energy will never go wrong or in more or less percentages and always heal and reach where it is required.

Wall art has been proved to trigger all the happiness and much more if you choose what connects to your soul. each person likes some images, color's, subjects that bring a smile and give happiness to them. Isn't it true that when you see a beautiful sun rise it triggers feelings of hope and happiness anticipation of a good day? and when you see a dark night you feel low and gloomy and may stop working even if you are recharged with happiness hormones-instantly you will feel drained in energy. Choose subjects that will bring joy to you so that you view wall art and experience, remind your brain of joyfulness. You have the right to choose, choose positivity and joy!

Focussed Green healing art in progress
Focussed Green healing art in progress

I keep reminding-save your self and save your personal chi from draining with simple hacks. Energize your body chi with hacks and see the flowering of your life and soul blossoming to its best beauty! Once you form the habit life flows easily.

Recently the Feng shuii celestial creatures have entered my life with their immense blessings and I find most attracted to flying elephants, unicorns, horses,birds, and dragons. My latest artworks for joy and abundance here.

Dragon Flower Painting
Dragon Flower Tibetan Symbols Reiki Painting

I always say-The universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this correctly!

God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim dedicated since year 2000 towards bringing joy and abundance tothe world through my Reiki symbol healing paintings.

You have doubts, questions, queries, email me, I answer within few hours! you can share your thoughts on energy cords, experiences and energy draining relationships, I will try to help out as much as I can by email, and in case you need a specific Reiki healing artwork do let me know. Thank you!

Please share my healing art among friends, colleagues, relatives, maybe you may not connect with the art or the symbols or need the healing but it can change some one's life who maybe be on the verge of giving up..



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