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My Green Tara

My Green Tara

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Green Tara the legend and only those she chooses find her! The Goddess of Grace, in Buddhism there is a legend of the lady who persisted and continued the journey of spiritual enlightenment as till then only men were allowed the religious rites and fulfilling the spiritual process and reciting the mantras and becoming priests , by her dedication and persistence the Gods were pleased and she was bestowed the title of a Goddess Green Tara. Never before her were there any women Goddesses and she has been the first.
In Buddhism and Tibetan culture there are women who still serve this Goddess and pray for becoming noble and pious and it has been said that whom the Green Tara blesses becomes a great woman, having good values, pious and spiritual and beautiful. All doors of success and wealth are opened for her as she has persistently continued to live her life in simple and compassionate way.
This is an abstract spiritual healing painting which I have been bestowed upon by my healing energies.
I have used Chinese calligraphy here to represent and attract many healing feng shui energies to attract and welcome grace into lives, wealth good luck and prosperity.
The painting just flowed naturally into abstract strokes and The Green Tara emerged beautifully. The forms that gave way naturally were a bag of goodluck, Chinese symbol of Grace. Life has changed beautifully, My Tara is soothing and elegant, no she is not decorated with loads of jewelry but sure has attracted loads of luck in my life as her Blessings!
A special place in my heart and my home, continuing with dedication and making healing art, selflessly helping out people with whatever suggestions and healing advice and the so many happy emails of success stories, all in all one of my most prized possession!
Size of this beautiful Figurative symbolic abstract painting" My Green Tara" is 24x36 inches and done in oil and a bit of acrylics. In Year 2012.

God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

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  • Details

    Title-My Green Tara

    Artist-Rizwana A.Mundewadi

    Size - 24x36 inches 

    Materials-  Oil Acrylic on Canvas

    Year-    2012.

    Style-  Figurative abstract, Symbolism, Spiritual,Women

    Status-  Available

    Shipping-Free*conditions apply

    ID.No.  –01843

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