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Sacred Codes and Numbers that bring life Miracles and Wealth Instantly! do it yourself!

Powerful codes for money flow! Do this Now and see the magic! money flows easily from good sources into my life! What happens? how do these symbols Numbers Codes change your life? firstly they unblock the hurdles, karmic blocks, brains negative thoughts, self sabotaging thoughts, and open your mind for new experiences. You feel energized, you are guided for best health practices and best career choices thus bringing joy to your life. There is a feeling of bliss, harmony, life doesn't seem flows also starts to flow easily from good sources.

Sacred codes can be written with pen on your left hand . It must be hidden. You can also repeat chant sacred numbers for 44 times everyday for wish fulfillment.

The codes must be written with red pen or black ,you may also like golden inked pen. See that the numbers remain on your body part and write them again if they are washed away during bathing. Upper part of left hand that is not visible to others is good space. Wrist is also good energy if you wear full sleeves clothes.

520-windfall of money

741-Impossible becomes possible


Write on your laptop, book, table, main door, activate magic in your life with your own intentions.

I do not make empty promises, Life may not be a bed of roses.. but trust will seem beautiful!! You experience true contentment and pure joy! The Universe has everything in just have to tap this correctly!!

Much Love Light and Peace to You!



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