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Rose Quartz and Serenity..Love Happens! my artwork story and symbolism

A modern contemporary Reiki abstract love energy painting" Rose Quartz and Serenity..Love Happens" acrylic painting done on canvas Reiki symbol of Yin Yang Harmony symbol, beautiful energy of balancing to peace. "Rose Quartz and Serenity- Love Happens" one of my awesum love symbol artworks, abstract painting, with textures, emotions, colours, healing, technique used is layering of paints by knife, enjoyed the smooth flowing acrylics, pouring paints, quite a beautiful spiritual experience!

Rose quartz and Serenity two Awesome colors, Pantone two colors 2016 year were inspiration to this beautiful abstract love energy artwork. Rose quartz and Serenity.

The two beautiful squares to attract stability and strength,

I want to bring a soothing lovely energy to your bedroom by visual impact with love symbol art in bedroom. My struggle with energy symbols, to get the best time of healing, before going to sleep visual impact, somewhat brings out the effects that I desire from my healing art. A great feng shui painting for bedrooms and the best painting for gifting the person you love! took a long time to make the special shades, of rose quartz, with my precious favourite stone of rose quartz in one hand and the palette in other trying , mixing , to get the right one! Serenity was also a tricky part, making the colour that must not look dull as well as not be too warm. I am happy with this and at present, while I move on the spiritual journey of The Red pilgrim striving to change lives with my reiki art, as I continue to paint healing art...Rose quartz, the name comes from a soft baby pink colored stone which has been my best friend during so many years of emotional turmoil and heart healings. The stone is my favorite that has given me immense love of self acceptance ,compassion, and brought out the best in me.

This has been used in healing and attracts love and soothing energy. Good for body and mind and helps to develop love and compassion. Tones down irritability and reduces high blood pressure and brings down temperatures and anger. Rose quartz stone in form of finger rings, pendants and pyramids, cylinders, artifacts is used in healing and Reiki therapy. A good stone must not have too many discolorations and formations and it must be soothing to the eye and soul.

Serenity , the word itself brings in a beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility. Its a beautiful soft shade of blue. While some think its dull , but a great combination of highlighting colors can make the best of this combination with rose quartz and Serenity. Adding these beautiful colors with a bold colourful vibrant base pops out the two squares with a great visual impact.

From Feng Shui point of view, rose quartz is the color of love and relationships and best in south west and bedrooms. Blue color, Serenity, can go well in north, northwest and west sectors. Attract great mentor luck and heavenly help with adding soft Serenity colors in Northwest.

The artwork, "Rose Quartz and Serenity" is best for bedrooms but can also be displayed in living room relationship sector or any space in your home to bring in love happiness health wealth and success. All my artworks are energized with the same positive intentions of wholesome, complete goodluck energies.

Buy the original painting only from my website.

All the Best from Rizwana!



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