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Make that Perfect cup of tea or Art! 7 insights lessons I learned from tea-make the Perfect art!

Interesting topic today, we all love our morning tea and imagine if its not of the right taste we prefer then somehow our mood drops. Tea times are special in our home as the family begins the day with that and also evening tea times with the range of goodies along with tea. For me these are times of unfolding issues, family discussions, and sharing our thoughts and these are Golden moments. Soon will be coming up with a new collection of healing artworks especially for the family dining room and kitchen.

The word tea brings a freshness a aroma , a soothing relaxing yet strong energy which immediately adds freshness to our mind. Making tea since many years and Indian traditional drink the perfect tea, and still never has the thought occurred to me about making the perfect cup of tea. It was just a routine drink to be made daily and for offering our guests. After trying so hard to get the right and perfect cup of tea, yes there is when you are totally satisfied and it gives you a jump, that’s the prefect cuppa,  I was wondering to about art and painting has been just like that.

How every artist goes through trying to perfect their art over the years , just like making tea, the right blend of sugar water milk and tea and the perfect tea also has the right amount of boiling and the time we wait for the perfect color and appearance as well as the aroma and the satisfaction of having the perfect tea. Freshly ground herbs and ginger also improves our health. Well, art is just the same, the journey however much trying has been a pleasant one up till now, from year 2000 till year 2021 and has so many anticipations, expectations, dreams and hopes ahead..

The newness will always remain and still there is a sparkle in my eyes when I see colors, bright fresh and vibrant, and I am taken on to another world , where the impulse is to get my hand on some canvas or paper or jotting down the colours, their shades, their combinations. There is a strong inclination to paint large canvasses but the Universe, space and resources are making me wait. I have always been fascinated with colours and lucky enough to have a small window gardens where I can meditate ,garden and conenct with nature. As a new idea inspiration comes and  in my brain it work on- day and night , the obsession with the title and the colours and the emotional turmoil , sometimes the painting just flows whereas sometimes there are days of frustrations and loss when nothing comes up, but, I have never had to pack off without even a stroke on blank canvas! something surely comes out of me! limitless energy flows through my Reiki art.

Feng Shuii Home of happiness! spiritual cubism symbols abstract painting
Feng Shuii Home of happiness! spiritual cubism symbols abstract painting

To make the perfect cup of tea/ art simple tips-

1) Ingredients! Materials- Choose clean water, choose clean blank canvas, dirty background brings dirty shades of colors in your art.(learned the hard way!)

2) Get good quality tea, this has great quality tea leaves and standard sizes tea leaves. Get good quality art materials, as your brushes and Canvasses and paints are your tools in bringing out great pieces of art.

3) Healthy sugar crystals, clean again, for perfect taste to your tea. The right white oil paint is very essential for the sweetness brightness in your art. Trust me I have loads of experience in this! more than two decades!

4) The right time for boiling your perfect tea, very very important as the less you boil the tea, it is too light in color and flavour and does not bring out the wow response and also when the time of boiling exceeds then you get a murky strong dark colored tea, not such an attractive appearance! The worst part of my art memories are unique really beautiful paintings that I have lost due to faulty techniques. I just wouldn't allow the oils to dry and then the next layer would never dry, so the paintings always are tacky and sticky even after years. I tore many hundreds of oil paintings done on papers. Never use acrylic as base and apply oils over that as acrylic may peel off. Wait for the oil paints to dry well until you roll the artwork for storing. Most difficult part-abstracts with thick textures surely needs a dryer mixed, otherwise they never dry! yes, even after years, they never dry well, because I have the habit of using direct paints from the tubes and thick portions are sticky. Acrylics are so sweet! they dry off very fast and are really good for customized painting orders.

As with art, those who have travelled the journey totally agree, the planning, the drawings, the detailing and most important the right time of when to stop!(here again I have lost precious moments that would have been fantastic artworks, but those got muddy because I didn't stop! anyways now I learned)

5) Presentation, your perfect cup of tea served in chipped dirty cups, not such an good idea, the presentation is again another very important part to get the response from your perfect cup of tea. So also with art, and specially works on paper look great when framed with mounts and right color and material of frame. This is the most important draw back of images displayed online as versus exhibiting your art in gallery,  as we just put an photo of our art on website, but the viewer is unable to get the true picture of how the artwork will look on their wall and how it will get the wow factor when framed right! Now we have art apps that allow us to display our paintings in different visual simulated decor rooms. I have added extra images for some artworks and will try to add for every painting, because this helps the buyer to understand the actual size of the painting.

6) Each country, and religion also vary in choice of making as well as choosing type of tea. While some prefer herbal teas, there are some who love strong colored aromatic tea. Then some who want to have the right color for their tea. Then there are some who want flavored tea, like rose, cardamom, etc. Chinese have a different culture of tea times and have their varied types of teas. People from the Himalayas have their own teas and people from London and New York love their own style tea. Just so like your art, each one loves something different. That is what I learned, art is not universal, each one has totally different tastes in choosing art for their space. So we just have to keep painting! becoming an artist is a journey and not just a career or business. 

7) You choose the golden cup or the comfortable white sleek cup for serving your tea? simply meaning here how do you present your art? This is such a vast subject and really important. I have seen people spending on original art that is so minimalistic that even as an artist I sometimes wonder what it was. Then there are large canvasses of detailed strokes and yet the artist demands a very less price. Usually I have noticed opulent art frames immediately give a shot of opulence to my healing art. I painted some art frames and understood how the frame is also an important part to complete the art story. The whole of the artwork soul.

Promise to change your life! A short story here- a group of corporates were sitting in the boardroom and tea was served. Everyone flocked to the table, there were beautiful cups there. Vibrant colourful, elegant golden and also sleek white that were easy to handle. Everyone chose cups to take tea, some chose bright orange, some loved reds, some went for smiley icon ones white some took tea in costly golden cups. This test showed us simply that human beings are attracted to presentations and beauty and not just utility of the good or product.  The tea served was the same for everyone  isn't it? then what was it about the choice of cups? watch this video here on my You Tube Channel the Red Pilgrim. view in modern rooms, large sized

 If you get stuck up for making fresh art, creative blocks, here is a short Reiki healing arts meditation video My Art improves Day By Day! 

 The journey of keeping on painting, persistently trying new techniques, going with the flow, There is a divine design for everyone and we all have our journeys to make, it would be very unfair to compare tea/ art with others even if we find similar styles or techniques, each one is different , just like your perfect cup of tea!  

And what I learned! there is no perfection anywhere in the world! even the most experienced chefs sometimes can't give out the same day in and day out. In art we need not be perfect, we just need to paint happily! once the painting tells us it is done, means it is done! That is perfection for the artist! Perfection is a attitude and even though we strive for that we never may reach it! Viewers and art buyers also are never searching for perfection... it is the slightly crooked line that makes them fall in love with a art piece!

Art is a visual conversation, a communication,  where the artist and the viewer communicate through all senses. A silent communication which will take you to another realm, a place of serenity, fantasy or utopia.  The purpose of art is to give you a small trip to your dream or some private place which you have never imagined.

My Healing art is a play of colours and symbols, leading to abstraction, the healer uses colours to heal the viewers, as the healing painting progresses the images disappear leaving only blobs of colour.

Symbols and Symbolism is an important part of healing art for me as I can connect to these healing symbols and transfer the energy to the healee. Spiritual paintings heal the viewers through healing energies put up intentionally by the healing artist for the benefit and good luck of all. Heal the mind, body and soul. Reiki symbols help to heal every aspect of your life be it, health, wealth, relationships or career. Even past karmic blocks can be removed to clear off past bad karma with these powerful symbols that are imbibed in the healing paintings. The energy can be felt by viewers who are in most need of healing and they feel connected. The soul symbols thus fill the void completing the life picture with the appropriate energy lack. Allow my Reiki to heal you through my symbol art hanging in your space.

Healing art can heal physical health problems, mental stress and open up your chakras for well being and energize them. It is a way of positive energy and affirmations to heal yourself and get a self direction. Go through my healing  paintings for healing energy or just enjoy my colourful innocent art.

Its become a passion to make art connecting to the soul. Paintings often speak, symbols connect and each one views differently. My art  challenges your psyche and I too sometimes get to hear explanations that are so vague, different and this has made me agree the fact that each one views art differently. Experiences art differently.

I would often say a rose is a rose in my painting whereas comments from art viewers have made me think that the rose painting is not just a rose,  it is passionate love, shocking red or friendly yellow. Presenting a Photo of an artwork is just one of the ways to present art. Videos, apps to view art in modern rooms and the fantastic app of actually viewing art on your wall, check my Saatchiart online profile and see how my painting looks in your home on your wall! the best art on the best wall background with the best art frame and the music, the light, the ambiance ...everything together is what makes a painting perfect!

The flow with images, takes us to another dimension with the wall paintings speaking for themselves. As you touch it or view it closely it will take you into another dimension and draw you within, you will feel the energy, the emotions, the mesmerizing feel, its a challenge! Experience live Reiki energy flow in healing arts meditation videos. and Do check the latest Metal Ox live making of healing symbol art and enjoy the free energy!

I have learned that with every painting it is the same excitement and the same energy of joy whole I paint it. And just like everyday we have to make the tea again ,twice or thrice daily, and with every time making tea it is the same feeling whether it will be a perfect cup or not...I have stopped thinking so, now no performance pressure! Just make it with love! that is what your family wants from you! trust me on that! Be Happy! for me art will never be perfect, I love my imperfections! so don't expect me to take a course in calligraphy! I love the raw symbols!

 Each Soul Perk^Up healing art piece is unique and has its own energy, its own soul. And it speaks to those who search for it...they find it. Made with lots of love to spread joy and love!

All the Best from Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim! 

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my Reiki symbol paintings.


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