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Reading so much about parental connections , insights are amazing! you will be surprised as to how easy the Universe has made for you to get successful, wealthy, abundant. I have previously written about mother connections and how it influences your life and karma.

A baby born is not only connected by the umbilical cord to its mother's but it also gets linked to all her karma and the child's karma too mingles with the mother.

You have to heal relationship with your mother to get successful in life. This is universally mentioned in all religions and cultures to respect and love your mother.

Islam has it that under the feet of mother is paradise and no wonder how much she gives birth in pain and cares for her children, she does deserve love and respect and as you do this you will find limitless ways of blessings open up to you.

I find it painful to see how old parents keep suffering alone after giving their all for their children. Every child needs to0 understand the perspective about what is the role of parents and how this will affect their life and karmic life too. As parents if they understand then this is carried inn future generations and thus you see abundant happy families , those who have understood this mantra of life success.

Caring for your parents with love will open up the doorway top success. Don't judge them or say what they gave you? you do your bit and see the light of blessings, contentment, bliss, in this life now.

Coming to new understanding by immense reading over the years and understanding about Reiki energy, finding results, why people suffer, why they don't find success wealth, peace?

Simply put in few words and not going deep with spiritual terms since everyone will not understand this.

Imagine and take for Mother Earth as your mother, and the Vast Universe as your father. Each one of you.

Serve with love compassion gratitude to your parents keeping in mind this. As you bring smile on their faces you will be surprised, it actually works, money flows abundantly for known and unknown sources, helpful friends enter your life, relationships are healed, things begin to happen your way, you find peace, you find peace.. how you do it is all upon you, the aim is this nd each one has to find their own pathway for success.

Please Mother earth, Gaia, by respecting the soil, planting more trees, fruit trees, and keep the environment healthy look upon the universe as you father and treat your father with lots of love and respect.

This may seem selfish, you love your parents for your future success, but trust me, the Universe loves this! As your parents smile, so will abundance flow easily towards you, all from good sources!


This Father's day Gift the best gift to your father, Reiki painting for his good health peace contentment abundant life and it will spread over to you! So also for your Mother!

Share your thoughts on my thought, I would be happy to discuss.

Thank you so much for coming by Razarts!

All the Best to You!

The Red Pilgrim!

Professional reiki healing artist since year 2000.

(from the studio, arranging the thousands of paintings and making major changes, For the Indian buyers and those who have requested for prices of art on higher side, I have made it easy with all art prices in Indian Rupees. The intention to spread Reiki art to each and every home on the Universe! Price must not be an issue!

Lowering the rates was not an issue since a major part of all art sale goes to cancer organizations, women empowerment, health assistance to needy. Do check the revised rates!).Thank you!!

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