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Art can be chaotic, your studio doesn't have to be!Nerdiness Abyss of artworks, I am knee deep in!

Nerdiness has been embedded, with so many thoughts, how serene and beautiful we artists look from the outside, but what happens inside is a mystery.

Not all artists are Nerds! but for the few, it is difficult to paint and explain. 

I have been struggling with the past so many years and of course have also achieved quite a level of balance and stability. In the Abyss of artworks, I am knee deep in this! Questioning my sanity? below for Feng shui tips for artists decluttering their studio, their art and their lives!

I know the descriptions of my paintings have been quite an over dose sometimes for a lay art viewer. I am a simple human being, trust me on that, and no, I will not shower upon you when you come to buy my art personally. It is just that for an explanation now, I have an obsession, fascination, compulsion to read, to gain information, to question the mind, to be inquisitive about the symbols and to share this knowledge to the world. 

That is just what happens when I write descriptions all the years of reading and knowledge over flows. i do try to control the urge, and keep a check on my ner

diness, but yes, i do agree, being an healing art Nerd!and I do also agree that surely my spirit Guides are Nerds too!

Not sorry for that, the mission to make art with a difference, art for change, art that has the power to change lives, there is going to be, bound to be some amount of nerdiness.

It would be in my early years of making art when i would show anyone my art and would begin explaining, they would look, and look, with my commentary on, and then, would say this is beautiful expression, a higher level artwork. 

Welcome to the Futuristic art!

Inviting you to the Tiny art revolution! The Symbolism revolution!

Recognizing and utilizing the Power of wall art Revolution!

Coming back to my art studio, I have been still in the process of organizing my paintings. With fresh perspective in year 2020 backing some with hand made card paper for its improved life, the sad part that happened few years back was my excel list of paintings was deleted. There was a shock, by this accidental delete button press, and the list had titles, sizes, sold artwork details. 

felt really bad, cried a lot, lot ,means a lot, of course so many years of hard work. As if the world comes to an end! and here I have my husband who is very particular, he writes down to the last dot! I am the not so better half,as far as system, organization is concerned. and I have come to this level of carefree freedom with breaking so many inner beliefs, and enjoying every moment ,from the anxieties and  chaos, and "the well disciplined perfect  person" to a more joyous living being. 

To be frank the list was incomplete, I just cannot follow rules, this is the difficult part of me, artist. Many artworks were torn, burnt, repainted, upcycled, recycled, the process continues in my artist's life. 

So here is the advice for all artists!

Please make a list, its has nothing to do about  art sales, its all about your art!about you!

So this will not matter to you as you keep making art but in the long run after many years when you look back, tell me just how many paintings did you paint? That's just what my husband asked me, I said, well..well..maybe over a few hundreds, then what happens is that I have sold few artworks but such a vast collection is stored in wardrobe storage, sofa cum bed storage, bed storage, studio table storage, small table storage, and the many that hang on the walls of our homes, not to mention the triple layers over the wooden frames, that is the best way to keep canvas paintings in good condition, to hang them framed. 

Why I am sharing this? that is because you as artists need to know how many paintings you have painted over the span of these past years.

So while the excel list accidentally got deleted, I searched and found a smaller list but quite outdated. That is history now, as so many have been added now. And when I began my studio organizing trust me, the while studio became a mess and myself a emotional wreck! This is just what happens when you collect all the paintings together in one room, this is overwhelming! I needed two rooms!

Panic attack, tore so many, wanted to reduce them, then took deep breaths, took charge, bought card paper, bought folders to store them neatly, backed them carefully and began the journey of  listing my art.

Don't laugh it off, this is quite a hard task, a very real task, and never do people realize that artists do a whole lot, than just paint!

Coming to practical advice for listing art-

You will have complicated evolved computer programs, don't go for that. choose Excel if you know it well. or basically you can also make a list in word document format.

Start with a larger number, I began with 00,000. Ten thousand figure. i don't know how many artworks are here. If you have painted less choose a figure of thousand paintings, 0000, or if  you wish to paint hundred paintings 000. 

In Excel you can form tables of the Title, size, year, medium of the painting and its status (sold, reserved, very good condition, good condition, not in good condition). 


whenever you update over the years do save the list. And it is confusing for us to use computers so accidentally while you copy this list, you may replace the old list , yes that's what happened with me, I choose the option and the old list remained! that is me, an impatient soul!

Till now, September 2020,  I have been with the number of 2000, in this listing, that is paper paintings and canvasses of all sizes, the list done, yet are so many waiting for upcycling repainting or letting go....  It takes a lot of time, maybe few months to a year, especially if you have been making art for past twenty years obsessively1 , but I am sure it will be worth it! and I know the next will be to arrange photographs of art, painting collections, that is simultaneously going on.

the happiness and joy of making an artwork, more so, an energy artwork, the love and obsession for making art , the symbols, they pop up and keep popping up in my mind, and all this has brought me knee deep into an abyss of artworks! 

Yes, artists do have to keep making art and taking this too seriously on the roller coaster upward ride painting on an on, the artworks have become unmanageable and also the digital images. No, don't doubt my sanity, as many people do, but all artists are the same, we live in our own inner world and no one understands , but its ok ! why you make art? I just have stopped explaining, and no, its not for money, it never was! 

Going through the very hard and most important part of an artist career, listing, arranging and organizing. Feng Shuii for artists is also very important like any professional, artists too have to keep a check on their artists studio. I am more of an clear clutter person but art has over flowed. Just can't stop, there has come a time now, to stop making art...I feel,...I say...and yet again this Sunday did more of hand made, card papers, and paints shopping!

The old portfolio manager was of cardboard and is in a bad state overflowing this time took a larger one. Most artworks are arranged in canvas rolls. and paper artworks are neatly stacked in my studio cupboards made of eco friendly material. More and more awareness on recycling and eco awareness, finally have to again, (did this so many times ..and it pains a lot..) tear and let go of some paper artworks. Maybe some collages will be made. but this time seriously , hell bent in making, 2020, to be the best year of my artist journey! Being an artist need not be you are unkempt, moody, with paint spilled clothes and ruffled hair!

I have to Thank my art lovers and art buyers for all the support they have given me by buying my art from time to time over the past years, just enough to keep me moving ahead. I promise I will keep continuing making art, and hoping, my art will be way more ahead , even after I am gone!

Artists, if your career is not progressing here are simple Feng Shuii tips, sharing for you! How to start the process of de cluttering ?

One look and it seems over whelming! yes, I am even  now looking at the stacks and piles of papers and rolls, each one so so beautiful having an identity and soul of its own, and taking deep breaths.. all my art is stacked neatly and arranged according to collection, still not satisfied! I will need to label them and have special folders, well, each artwork , so precious, you store it that way! 

The why to declutter? 

1) Art is so precious, if not stored properly it will get damaged. you cannot sell damaged artworks. 

2) from time to time you may need to refurbish or recycle old artworks, unless they are special classics of time less vintage art beauty, you will have to keep them updated according to modern trends in art. 

3) Prices once mentioned are difficult to increase with artworks. So a 100$ artwork cannot be priced such for ten years ahead. of course the rates increase. so you need to keep a check on your artworks and portfolio. 

4) SOLD! what are you feelings for this word? frankly speaking still it would sends shivers in me , why? because to find an old artwork from the heaps and piles of so many hundreds, thousands of paintings is a difficult task. Over the years the process is ongoing to keep my artist studio arranged. 

5) If you wish to succeed as an artist your most important tool, your art, must be available easily and kept in good storage. Remember you are the care taker of the artwork till it finds a new home. the task of the artist is to make something that was not there before, to bring joy to the world and to take care of this joy till it reaches its selected owner. 

6) trust me, if you are not selling art, this is one of the import

ant reasons. Clutter of any sort, even a good one, needs to be organized and sorted to make space for progress. 


1) The journey of a thousand miles begins with a start immediately! If you avoid this task of clutter clearing your artist studio it will continue to pile up. 

2) Yes, all are precious, but be a good soul and bring out the critic in you. no one else will do this for you! Unless you are, maybe you are, lucky enough to have friends and family advice you about art. I never had any advice or suggestions, I just make my own art, following my own music, and soul songs. (frankly speaking I find it difficult to follow anyone) so be your critic and sort artworks with those that are perfectly in good condition, those that need some care and those that are not in good condition. 3 sections. Pile them up. 

3) what will you do now? check for good points in every artwork that has been in the last category. They need attention. a) use best parts in a new collage. b) if the base canvas or card paper is good, repaint them c) if they are dull, and even the materials used are wearing out, and you cant frame them immediately and use them ( framing art helps save their deterioration)  , then they have to go... 

4) The good category will need to be stored in neat portfolio managers, organise all your artworks according to sizes, materials used, or subjects. Its all upto you and what type of art you make. Investing in good quality portfolio managers helps a lot. Folders also are very helpful , so are racks and compartments in cupboards. 

5) Its a never ending process. So its not a one time that you do it. You will have to keep repeating the process every few months or years ,depending upon the quantity of art you make. Keep this in your TO DO LIST! 

6) Are you the obsessive compulsive disorganized person? sorry to mention, but this is also the case for many. Artist love to be surrounded by clutter as they get inspired here. They cannot make art in clean environment. So just getting this clear, your artists studio need not be spic and span, it is a artist studio and it must,

it will always have art lying there, some in progress, some or more spills of paint of floor, walls, that is how artists work. I am mentioning about organizing your already made artworks. Frames can be hung up on walls, to store art   for many years. 

If you have the habit of falling back into accumulating clutter, don't worry. Just keep the process every few months and you will feel the Feng Shuii flow!

What will you notice after Feng shuing?

I) firstly you will feel much lighter.

II) You will get the feeling of sudden relaxed approach towards art and career.

III) You will find clarity and focus to your career and life goals.

IV) Your art will become more beautiful.

V) You will attract the right buyers who love and appreciate your art.

VI) this will reflect in your whole life. this energy will transfer into all other aspects of your life. Relationships, health, wealth, fame, opportunities, success and spiritual goals. 

Physical artist studio, and here you must know there is a reflection too, yes, online studio, your website, your shop,  also is a reflection, will share some tips in my later posts on de cluttering your digital portfolio and website. More on feng shuii you will find simple tips on Google blog on feng shui simple cures. 

Please Don't question my sanity! Nerdiness has to reduce, maybe over time. 

About the beginning of this post, simply put, all my paintings, heal, all are made with pure joy and intentions to attract all the good things in life, health, wealth, love, try it , it works!!!

The Universe has everything in Abundance! You Just have to tap this correctly!

Keeping my fingers crossed,  I will know how many paintings I have painted! and when the next time anyone asks I will have an approximate number of how many paintings I have done and have till date more than 2000 paintings available for sale, and will joyfully say so!

Hope this helps!

All the Best from Rizwana!

There is not a dull moment in my art studio! Always some new art is in progress, going with the Tiny art revolution for Tiny homes Big living, and yet, there are umpteen ideas going on in my head for new artworks, i just can't stop them! 



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