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Euphoria! My Core Star Shining 🌟! Abstract Reiki Kundalini painting

Euphoria! My Core Star Shining 🌟! Abstract Reiki Kundalini painting

₹120,000.00 Regular Price
₹96,000.00Sale Price

Euphoria, extreme joy!! Working since past many years to activate the core star. Revival of embedded latent energies. The best and ultimate energy goal of every being,to be in sync, harmony with Earth and Heavenly energies. After many years of meditations, reiki grounding exercises are yet required, as I bring in this much required energy into my life,now. Spontaneous energy abstract, a limited Collection of 5 Reiki energy abstracts.

Size is 22x30 inches, Year 2018, acrylic on handmade thick cardboard paper. Artwork is signed and numbered and comes with online Authenticity certificate signed by me. Price mentioned is for single artwork without frame. Shipping is free.

Reiki symbols to work on past karmic blocks, emotions and inner turmoils.
Making the core star red hot is the ultimate goal of all Reiki, our soul purpose in this spiritual journey. To shine your light from spread your energy, to become a source of high vibration energy. Intention and Affirmation "My core star is shining in the whole universe!"

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!

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