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Dramatic Zodiacs! Fantastic Couple art 2 paintings

Dramatic Zodiacs! Fantastic Couple art 2 paintings

₹35,000.00 Regular Price
₹31,500.00Sale Price
Dramatic Zodiacs! Power couple office art,  Zodiac symbol Reiki paintings done in pair for professional business luck! Welcoming the energy of all zodiacs! Blessings for the pair. two paintings done simultaneously. Reiki symbols, Zodiac  symbols healing paintings. Sacred Geometry. Sigil markings. Sacred codes to welcome windfall of money. 
Titles -
1) Dramatic Zodiac I am open calm energized Everybody Likes and respects me I am productive and successful.
2) Dramatic Zodiac I spread happiness and Joy to those around me. Work home balance, turning time to money, my business grows profitable. 
Two paintings done using acrylic on hand made art paper backed with bright pink card paper. Size of each painting is 8x14.5 inches. Price mentioned is for two paintings without frame. Shipping free. 
Beautiful Zodiac symbol Feng shuii paintings for home and office to welcome heavenly blessings and great rapport with all zodiacs for the power couple. 
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
The Red Pilgrim!
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