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My Planet of Love! Artist's Dream Painting

My Planet of Love! Artist's Dream Painting

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What a beautiful planet...The Pink Planet of Love!!! Size of the painting 19x29 inches. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, year 2000, retouched/ repainted with acrylics in year 2015. Artwork is signed and numbered and comes with online Authenticity certificate. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free. The Planet of Love!!!

Precious visionary artists dream of a planet of love and all that abundance joy full of love energy on this planet of love! The painting is done using oil and mixed media on canvas in year 2000. I have repainted this later in year 2015.

Planets painting with special earth full of love.

Vision of a dream place to live where there are no worries no struggles only pure joyful healthy peaceful living. I had simultaneously also painted the planet of peace which is not available now. This one is really special part of my innocent visons after doing Reiki , manifestaions magic, and you can feel the pure vibes from this special artwork.

Oil acrylic on canvas , size of this painting is 19x29 inches. without frame shipping free. adding extra images of close up details of this painting.

Artists dream, artists imagination, a healing artists expression and wish to bring transformation of earth into a beautiful pink planet of love!!!!Practicing Reiki since year 2000 and making art, really fed up of anger, hatred, jealousy, wars, politics, partiality, riots, bombings, diseases of human faults, arguments, stress and financial struggles of people living on earth. Times now during lockdown is a shout out from mother earth as she rests and heals due to human abuse over the years of harming eco system. So many trees are cut, mountains are blown away and yet people think nothing of karma will come back??? This artwork is really the need of the hour and it is me...the changes will bring a happiness planet of love when all the negativity is shed off and there will be joy, health,. wealth and abundance, peace and love!!!Planet of Love one of the earliest done works, retouched, a simple innocent work done on canvas, with the beautiful rose petals spreading everywhere. My souls calling for peace and happiness , being affected by world happenings. I still live in my shell of this planet, hardly reading news paper or watching news and rarely visiting people, avoiding negative influences, my take is I just can't change them or the environment damage they do, but I can change the way I think and maybe attract the emotions I want using my mind power and my symbol power. A beautiful planet of my visualization exists in my dream destination, a land of happiness, LOVE. happiness surrounding by an aura of love and protection in my family and close ones, and of course my extended family of pet birds and plants! The colors of the planets, have textured effects, and the birds, my loving heavenly friends happily flying from and around my Planet of Love. The pink planet of love, designer background, healing, with Chinese symbols of love, glowing aura of rose petals, simply exuding love and happiness, a beautiful dream, an artists representation, we have a pure heart and artists love everyone!Thank You!Love Light and Healing to You from Rizwana!The Red Pilgrim!! Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world to attract health wealth abundance, through my Reiki symbol healing paintings.

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.All the Best from Rizwana!www.razarts.com

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