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Reiki for Kidney Disease linked to which chakra/How does Reiki assist in finding root cause

Reiki is linked, chakras are connected. Struggling with and researching, reading so much on linking diseases to spiritual soul connection, perspective of diseases from soul point of view, here is a post, Rizwana A.Mundewadi/Your's The Red Pilgrim bringing you life changing information!

Diseases are all connected with chakras and a Reiki healer goes about with history of the patient and listens carefully to locate the root cause of the disease. Like the medical practitioner who will give you medicine for your physical problem a Reiki Master will allow Reiki spirit guides assistance and Aura observation to guide for the best of healing. Remember Reiki is not a replacement to modern allopathic medicines and they must not be stopped. The physical expression of diseases is different from the root causes, especially emotional blockages physically emerge as diseases and trying hard to treat the disease without understanding the root cause will only give you temporary relief. Again the disease symptoms emerge, happened with me for so many years...the third eye chakra block, the root chakra, sexual chakra blocks...migraines were so painful and embarrassing..leading to depression and relationship issues...I finally took help from a Reiki master Healer for a healing video and my own responsibility persistence to find a solution, lifestyle changes, finally it is all on our own to come out of many emotional diseases.

The Key mantra! Om mani padme hum Spiritual texts painting
The Key mantra! Om mani padme hum Spiritual texts painting

Get a customized healing painting made  for your Specific Disease Reiki healing art.

The Key mantra Reiki healing painting will guide you in your life journey for your best.

Wrote an ebook Migraines Your Soul's Cry for help! It took me years, of vigorous study,  Reiki healing, meditations,readings, to realize the pathway. Yet,  things go haywire at times...and no they have not gone completely the emotional diseases..but there is a lot of self acceptance from my part and my family also,  and I also emerge very quickly   from these spells. 

The Rejuvenating Anthakarna Reiki painting displayed in Boho decor
The Rejuvenating Anthakarna Reiki painting displayed in Boho decor

Accepting your body Reiki healing arts meditation video on You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim. Whatever your disease be it chronic physical  or emotional the first step towards healing is awareness and self acceptance. Allow me with this free Reiki healing arts mediation video. there are more than 150 videos on my You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim, you will find your's! allow the free flow of Reiki to unblock the stuck up energies that are hindering your life progress and stopping you from leading a joyful quality of life. 

Explaining the energy effects on your body by chakras-

from the prominent seven chakras-

crown chakra linked to spirituality

Third eye chakra to wisdom clarity thinking awareness

Throat chakra to communication, expressing thoughts , needs, and speaking out your mind

Heart chakra to healing love, sharing, giving and receiving love.

Solar plexus chakra to wisdom, power, intuitions, gut

Sacral chakra to sexuality, creativity, bonding

Root chakra trust grounding, individuality, basic survival energy.

Kidney diseases, kidney stones, prostate, these organs located at the lower abdominal parts of our body are linked to the sacral, sexual chakra. Reiki when given to these lower chakras, helps one to raise the truth about the disease, its causes, and why this disease has come into your life.

The stones do come out easily for some and with trials for some.., after regular treatments, Reiki letters (write your own Reiki letter-step by step and also a video) and when we do it in full force the disease is surrounded by healing energies and it has not option but to leave the space from your body.

If you don't knwo much abotu symbols and want to welcome Reiki energy for complete healing here is Healing in Brown

How does Reiki assist in treating Kidney disease? 7 Steps that will take place. Giving Reiki healing to lower parts of your body gives strength to the parts and helps them to heal.

1) First point for kidney disease is the person unable to express his thoughts and emotions accumulates the negative energy in this form.

Most important step of confusion Self Affirmations Healing Art helps to open up your heart to compassion and joy. 

2) Sexual needs not satisfied or expressed also lead to this diseases. Gut Strength healing art for assistance. 

3) unable to accept our sexuality and confusions may also lead to kidney problems.

4) Too much expectations from others and imbalance in this chakra due to  grandiose thinking and delusional thoughts may also precipitate as kidney stones.

5) Unable  to form bonding and trustful relationship...this one is connected to heart and root chakra , may also show up as kidney diseases. 6) The relationship with your mother...most diseases are linked to this..once this is healed many disease run away from your body.

7) Your spouse relationships- having too much expectations from your other half and if it is not reciprocated leads to kidney diseases. Here Reiki helps one to express thoughts in a loving manner, that the other partner becomes understanding and helps out with the healing process.

It is at many times I say, you yourself are responsible...when people look upon others to bring them help, heal them, or treat them,.without taking any personal responsibility for their own health..things don't change..things get worse..I have gone through this difficult path of emotional one...our own happiness..your own took me years to accept this yourself are responsible for your self. only then can you give and share love and care for others. Yes, I agree having a support system does help and supportive spouses have shown miraculous changes with chronic life threatening disease recovery. And also the support of healing art alongside as a continuous Reiki pusher helps give the daily dose towards complete recovery with a healthy lifestyle and maintenance of the diseases. The patient will never rest until they find the best solution for their diseases and best treatments, that is the magic of Reiki! ...the process of pushing force continues..and not just for disease Reiki feng shuii continues to be the forceful pusher until you realize and fulfill your life goals. 

Evolved Reiki Master do psychic surgery and heal lot of serious diseases, I have not reached that level. But my distance Reiki healing are giving good results after practicing Reiki since more than a decade. It is more to work upon myself so that I will be able to keeps spreading the Universal life force energies. As I always say "Those the Universe chooses find me!" 

In Reiki we not only heal all round , holistically, but you also locate the root cause of why? what lesson is the disease giving you in this life? Here is what makes all the difference, you do not temporarily heal any disease you go to the root and remove the blocked energy and heal the person for life. 

what changes are required from your side to help heal and completely,  recover from this disease? You find the answers...and then it is upto you what you see the pathway towards healing follow...and enjoy a much more fruitful, healthy life.  Anger Emotional Management Reiki healing art may also be needed in this healing journey to give strength to your heart.

Reiki works in Amazingly beautiful ways! Many people are led to the right doctors who would help them, the right friends who would connect with their soul, and even the  location of homes is changed to heal the person, the Universe is Amazing with its magical ways!

We all, each one has a right to live this life fully and happily and to enjoy this once in a lifetime life! don't leave the vacuum with negative energy and diseases, fill it with love happiness and good health! 

If you need any Reiki guidance about specific disease do email me Get a customized healing painting made  for your Specific Disease Reiki healing art.

Thank you for coming by The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk Art!

All the Best from Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!

A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art 

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading joy, health, wealth and success with my Reiki Paintings!

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