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Non healing Ulcers Skin Scars Itch Skin disease Reiki! Write this code on left body part!

Non healing ulcers, skin rashes, skin scars, wounds not healing, and pigmentation of skin, so many skin issues and diseases come up in life and people suffer sometimes from chronic skin issues. Itch is one tension creating disease especially jockers itch or groin area itch, under arms itch, thighs, buttocks etc. Skin rashes too erupt suddenly with stressful situations or occasions. First we need to tackle the emotional aspect with reiki to find root causes of why the skin diseases comes out.

specific intentions reiki art card the red pilgrim
specific intentions reiki art card the red pilgrim

Healthy sexual relationship reiki art
Healthy sexual relationship reiki art

Nightmares sleep disturbances reiki art
Nightmares sleep disturbances reiki art

Skin diseases become so stressful that many times people become introverts and avoid any social contacts. Of course wounds that are not healed add up to pain, burning and continuous bandaging procedures which is again uncomfortable to the individual as well as their family.

Once the root is found we heal the self acceptance part, heart set, mind set and environmental issues that may be triggering skin diseases in you. Reiki symbols are beautiful way to assist with skin diseases, skin rash, skin scars and no healing ulcers wounds. The main energy in this video is for non healing ulcers wounds when long term medications and even applications did not bring relief, here allow Reiki to assist with the root cause of the problems and heal the skin disease completely for a healthy life.

Trust the process and be open to receiving.

Skin is the outer most covering ,our shield of protection and when we face issues with this means our protection system has been compromised and is weak.

Check my latest ebook on Kindle unlimited Understand the Root Cause of diseases with Reiki. It is a detailed book on specific diseases like skin , hair, digestive, eyes, mouth, knee joint pain arthritis, hair, weight etc. Each disease tackled with understanding why you are not getting better even after taking medicines for months and years, you only get temporary relief? so you must break the cycle and come out of this to welcome fresh health energy and good lifestyle.

Skin diseases almost always has its root in emotional issues. Well being of mind and mental health when energized it will heal and those skin diseases are gone forever. *disclamier always even though I know my Reiki is powered and proved with good results in many cases, it is not a replacement to modern medicine and therapies. Reiki along with medicine can give fast and long term results.

You can write the sacred codes on left part of your body-keep the code hidden from public view and do not share with anyone when you write.

Skin disease- 18584321

Wounds skin non healing ulcers- 5148912

Fungal infections- 94386878368

Reiki symbol Harth and Se He Ki works wonders, I always bring a combination of energy with specific sigils, sacred codes, ancient symbols energy and my magic touch!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

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