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Meaning of Reiki Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Distance Healing Past Present Future/8 uses

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen a beautiful Reiki healing symbol. A distance healing Reiki  symbol used during healing sessions if the healee is not present. This is a beautiful way to send healing to the past and future and also to those who are not present and need the healing.  A healing request from any place can be put to the healer and they can send healing from any distance with their visualizations and intentions. It is also planned before hand about important meetings, relationship issues and any aspects that may require support of positive energy in future can be send across time and place. This symbol is very important in healing past life karmic issues that are blocking this life’s progress.

Though a beautiful symbol I have not been inspired to use this more often and the most favorite only two symbols come up in most of my art, that is Cho Ku Rei and Se He Ki as well as a few Higher level Reiki Symbols.

Hon sha ze sho nen is a symbol that chooses very few. It works wonders but hardly comes up in my art. The symbol is written from top to bottom. Beautiful strokes the Reiki symbol takes an image of a graceful lady. There has to be intentions and clarity when beginning to use otherwise the symbol fails to work for you.

The beautiful symbol with lots of love,  Reiki Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Distance Healing Past Present Future in art can connect with situations and symbols and heal your present and future . Healing art is a visual representation of healing energy put forthe by the healer to heal the healee of whichever type of energy is lacking in their lives, thus bringing about happiness and prosperity and greatly improving relationships. 

As I understood healing lives is a difficult task and not just a few Feng shuii cures but it requires the whole full house feng shuii, so also it is with life healing. We have to complete the full circle. Each person, incident, environment and object is linked. do not try to think in small but think of your life as a whole. Hon sha ze sho nen has immense benefits and has many uses in different life issues. In my healing art I use it to remove karmic blocks as these hurdles are the main that block abundance and joy in the present life. I have also found that the symbol is a good communicator if I want to send healing to people from different countries. Many of my healing art buyers have felt the waves and energy and have benefited by this distance Reiki healing sessions. 

Listing 8 beautiful uses of this Hon sha ze sho nen Reiki symbol-

1) works on chronic deep seated disease. Medicines and trips to hospitals are getting too much, then its time to bring in Reiki energies. Life is beautiful and whatever you are facing has to be faced by you, but it need not be a task uphill. Reiki will add acceptance and bring joy in your life. 

2) distance Reiki for people in other countries and not in front of you. i have used symbols in Distance Reiki and frankly my triple coiled loves me too much, Hon sha ze sho nen is a symbol that all Reiki Masters use for distance healing. 

problems that have not got any solutions even after trying a lot

3) people in hospitals. as you cannot ease out their physical difficulties and pain, here you can with Reiki bring them energy boost and spiritual morale boost. Reiki helps to heal diseases faster and even guides you to the best of treatments possible for your complete recovery. Specific Disease Reiki healing art can be made for the person with serious chronic health issues.

4) children benefit immensely as they are pure energy and open to receive. Education, academic performance, health issues, diet food issues, sleeping problems , bed wetting, fears, anxieties, teenage issues, puberty issues, every step the symbol helps to heal if used correctly. 

5) Reiki can be sent to groups , meetings, organisations, beginning new ventures and many even plan ahead with prior Reiki to expect beautiful outcomes from business meetings and deals. Remember to give Reiki for at least a week prior to the occasion for great results. 

6) karmic healing to remove blocks. The best one, here as this symbol is necessary for this hurdle to clear off. Heal my Karma a contemporary Reiki symbol healing painting is the best one in my art collection.

7) Anxious about events happening on a later date, here add Reiki, an assurance from the Universe. Plan to heal past present future events. You are afraid of discussing with a certain person you can allow reiki energy to be by your side with customized healing art cards. You can book a Distance Reiki session with prior appointment.

8) Like work meetings you can also plan events, marriages, children's birthday parties celebrations with intentions of success. 

Facing difficult situations, ask for assistance from Hon sha Ze Sho nen.

How I was inspired for making this collection? Read here.

The story of Alice in Wonderland Tiny art collection-

Always fascinated with Alice in wonderland and fantasy fairy tales with happy endings, and I still do love them!

The inspiration came upon as I felt art that heals must be very close to us. We have large artworks hanging on walls of living rooms where we hardly sit! We enter our home and just skid by swiftly to our private bedroom. With dining sector being the only next place where we spend some more time. Then my purpose to keep viewing the art for most hours was questionable. I didn't want the reiki art to just be an ornamental value decor element.

Small Reiki symbols connect with every soul and each one finds a connection to a different symbol. It is your soul symbol and you have to find it. Every soul longs to experience peace and joy and only the correct symbol will bring that to you. Find your soul symbol! listen to your soul callings!

Over the past two decades obsessively painting so tore many paintings and burnt them! check my You Tube videos! Tearing art. more precious paintings gone tearing....conserving old art.

My garden plants loved the feeds! Ash is the best fertilizer, and then so many looked complete even with their tiny bits so recylced them to make a fresh collection Alice in Wonderland, Tiny art for Tiny Homes and big dreams. I also took old paintings photographs and made Red Reiki cards, Chinese zodiac symbol cards and marital combination zodiac symbol cards. The best part was the size, 3x4, 5x5, 4x7 inches, really small Reiki art works.

tearing old precious art
Tearing old paintings feng shuii clutter clearing

Carry healing Reiki art cards in your wallet purse. Place small healing paintings in your wardrobe. You can add Tiny healing art on your bed side table. Your dressing table can be a symbol for inspiration and healing with my Reiki symbol healing painting. Your office table, entry way, home office space, can also be activated with beautiful Reiki small healing artworks.  from affordable small paintings.

How to use Reiki Tiny artworks?

1) Frame them with large sized frames and mountings to enhance the beauty of tiny art.

2) Laminate the small paintings and keep them in drawers, cupboards and office drawers.

3) Hang them near entrances as evil eye protection symbol Tiny art if you do not want undue attention to the energies art.

4) Place them framed as your table art. Bedside table art, office table art or living room console table art.

5) laminate the tiny reiki cards and carry them in your purse or wallet, file, office folder, profile portfolio.

6) These cards also have their specific feng shui placement tips which I always mention with every art sale and work fast when hung here.


Coming back to our topic-

Where to hang Reiki Hon sha ze sho nen symbol paintings? Best placed where you can view the symbol art frequently most times. bedrooms are best. Libraries and special places where you sit for meditation is also good. you can also have this in your office where you directly view this art and a space not in view of others. The best part of Reiki symbol healing art is they always benefit everyone viewing them. Unknowingly your will ease out negativity and heal others and you will find the difference in your health wealth and relationships, bringing joy to the world!

I rarely use the Hon sha ze sho nen symbol, very few artworks are painted with this one. My first love, Triple coiled symbol Cho Ku Rei, Se He ki, Harth are my personal favorites that shower me with immense love and bring results from my healing art. Karuna Reiki symbols are that came up later on in my healing art. Yes, Maybe the love emerging will connect and where the energy required it will connect with me, Till then All the Best from Rizwana!

A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Razarts 

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading hope, joy,health,  love,, wealth and success with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings!

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Your's The Red Pilgrim's!



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