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Meaning and Symbolism of Reiki Symbol Cho Ku Rei and Reiki Symbol Healing Art

Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei! The Power switch!

five cho ku rei's modern abstract healing canvas painting
Five Cho Ku Rei's! Modern abstract painting in progress

Fantastic energy symbol and most loved is the Reiki Cho Ku Rei. There are actually no words to describe my pure love for this symbol and also I never stop saying and sharing about the power of this beautiful one. It gives love where needed, care and action, refreshing energy, heals relationships, brings a flow of wealth and even heals pets! put up just the intention of what you want and you go! Of course you have to be pure and dedicated with your true love for the symbol for it to work for you. So making art after becoming a Reiki master third degree, since year 2000 and symbols came up in year 2007 gradually and now the rest is history if you see my art. I have got so much love from Reiki lovers and art buyers and the blessings continue with the flow of energy art.

Reiki is a pure healing energy from the universe that is directed towards where it is required by the healer. When a Reiki Master attunes a student they open their channels and these symbols are placed in energy fields of students to help them to tune anytime they require these energies for healing themselves as well as others. From the long trials faced during the process of attunements and chakra healings which may take from months to years the student is ready to play the role of a healer, not an easy one where many leave the path. Trust me it is not just about learning energy and symbols. it is much much more than to the visible eye or understood by the brain. Sometimes I feel there is no reasoning or explanation to how the healing art works and Cho Ku Rei behaves in different ways for different energy needs. So you have to first get in sync with your energy and the love the symbol gives you for it to work for you, and this is not easy.

The spiritual journey within is the most difficult one and as the student begins to understand this and the process of enlightenment begins making them mere spectators, hollow channels of energy that direct healing towards where it is required. It is here that we learn to tap the energy from within, and the Kundalini is awakened.

Cho Ku Rei, It is the most powerful symbol in Reiki and literally meaning” Put the power here”. It is used to protect from negative energies and also adds power to whatever wishes we are working towards. It can be used to neutralize negative situations and dissolve negativity from any space. Reiki Masters have been using this symbol for many purposes and since it has universal uses, it can be used in many situations and day to day activities. It increases the power of other symbols and can be used to protect from negative influences.

From parking your car getting the right space to healing food, soothe pain and control anger and stress, depression and pains. Cho Ku Rei can be used with lots of love to heal just about any aspect of your life. Cho Ku Rei strengthens our will and limits our weaknesses thus bringing about confidence and success.

The beautiful Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei focuses energy on the given point or intention and hence here comes the role of the healer, as they are pure souls acting as a transmitter of energy between the healee and the universal life force.  There is the visualization of symbol even during healing sessions as this opens chakras as well as seals energy for chakras thus bringing about good health and peace.

Using them in my healing paintings gives me immense happiness as spreading the healing energy around, not only does the individual benefit but also all those who view the art benefit from the positive healing paintings. The symbol also strengthens our surrounding and makes us more open to the higher dimensions that are the higher goals and dissolves the veils of illusion. Thus bringing about acceptance of situations, illnesses, and weaknesses and bringing about positive change in the right directions.

The symbol is a lovely one written in a special direction for it to bring about the energy change. As we progress e are tuned in to higher level symbols and this same beautiful symbol has been shown as rotating in different directions. The clockwise symbol puts the power in the intention and the anti clockwise written symbol draws negative energy from the source.

I fondly call it the triple coiled symbol. It is actually like a curled snake with immense power. 

It is a Karuna Reiki symbol higher level just like Kriya. In kriya karuna Reiki symbol we have two  opposite symbols. When I write the symbol I actually still get the goose bumps as the triple stroke flows with every Cho Ku Rei. The obsession led me to write the symbol 365 days with intentions for each day. So sharing here a bit of why I painted this old artwork and Upcycled it.

Why limit happiness for some moments, days, months, occasions.. I want to bring an inner state of Joy bliss for life. A state where change will be handled with ease, a state where issues do come up but the perspective to view and handle them changes. The total viewpoint of life from struggle or trouble changes to learning progress and enlightenment, I never lose, I only learn. Here, check this beautiful artwork 365 Days of Happiness (make an offer if you love this artwork). Old artworks still sometimes do keep calling as if the energy is not complete. and this was a pure souls titled painting a spiritual floral abstract in oil paints, of I think year 2000 time when I had exhibited my art and made some wooden frames for my cubism pieces, so the canvas is mature with hidden energies. I sometimes wonder like how the art researchers now dig into old Picassos and Monnet's to find layers behind, would my art at some point in future be studied on, the layers hidden would surely show times of progress and each layer would have its own story some how reflecting my thoughts at the time, life journey and experiences. The painting brings in complete goodluck with the Feng shuii elements cycle flowing in a state of harmony. My extensive researching and reading on subject of Reiki, symbols, feng shuii is overflowing in my healing art, and of course my spirit guides guidance. Spirit Guides do not connect or give love easily, it is a long process of trust and acceptance from either side. Precious large modern White Reiki elephant canvas painting -Blessings of My Airavaat

Then we also see four Cho Ku Rei’s written for protection and the healee intention or name or photo in the center to bring about complete protection and healing in special negative cases of abuse and mental weaknesses for protection and increase the flow of healing. Here I made the video in Hindi language for the first time check higher level reiki symbols writing and uses in this YouTube Video.

The most beautiful symbol in Reiki and has been used in all healings is a wonderful healing symbol used in my art to bring about happiness, peace, good health, abundance and prosperity.

With lots of love and respect to my precious so full of love Reiki symbols , as I continue to make healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading hope, love, health, wealth, joy and prosperity to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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