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For All the Good Things in Life! Large Abundance symbol Reiki healing painting

For All the Good Things in Life! Large Abundance symbol Reiki healing painting

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Bright Large canvas Feng Shui Ba Gua Reiki Abundance Painting by healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi.This symbolic abstract painting is large sized, acrylic on canvas, 48x53 inches, done over many years completed in year 2016.

For All the Good Things in Life!!! Large Ba Gua Luck Reiki healing art. strong Symbolism, cubism, healing, abstraction, colors, and All the Good Things In Life! My Aim since past few years was to make an impressionable large artwork , statement piece!  as I love the small paintings and obsessively keep on making small sized paintings,  to create a master piece full of tons of healing energies and strong symbolism was a challenge.

Large sized Canvas painting, Awesum happiness, took quite some months, nearly a year, or years...happy with the result, great conversation piece,  Geometric, spiritual cubism, spiritual symbolism, colour therapy, Feng shui and Reiki!

Absolute Abundance, Reiki symbol, Golden Cho Ku Rei's Ba Gua, Feng Shui strong symbolism.

Base of abstracts, going with the flow, happiness, freedom, joy, pouring bottles of liquid acrylics and squeezing tubes and spraying with hand dipped in paints,   for the base. the demarcation, the main cubism sections, based on the feng shui elements theory and color symbolism.

Each colour symbolizes the feng shui sector of activating that energy and every element in feng shui is represented by a colour.

Basically the Feng shui Ba gua map is divided into nine sectors each with a life sector energy. Ba Gua is the Chinese feng shui symbol based on ancient feng shui to cultivate balance, harmony, wealth and abundance in all sectors of life. When each sector is balanced according to these feng shui principles life flows smoothly and things begin to happen in harmony , and when they are imbalanced life always seems a tough task, uphill.

The main sectors of Ba Gua explained in simple terms-

1) Red-fame and recognition and motivational energy force, the will to live and work,survive. South sector, Element is fire.

2) Pink- relationships, love, family love, female energy , south west sector, activated by crystals healing.

3) White and Light blue, white, soft pastels- creativity, children, travel luck. Metal is the element here and West is the sector. 

4) Grey, North west, helpful people, mentor luck, Travel. male energy. father energy. Sky, air.

5) Black, Dark Blue, Black, career path in life, work, job, opportunities. water is the element, flowy shapes . 

6) Dark Blue, deep blue spiritual colour of wisdom. Educational luck , self realization , focus in life energy. Knowledge, wisdom, skills, achievements. North east is the sector, clutter free symbols of life path.

7)Green- family, relationships, past generations luck, bonding and health. east is the sector , wood is the dominating element. Tall rectangles green plants are loved here.

8) Purple dark Purple, abundance, prosperity,wealth. Main feng shui sector, prosperity. Activated by shiny objects and red purple dark blue colours of abundance.

With the coloured sectors the eye does come up, feng shui evil eye cure, fascinated with this beautiful protection cure and it has a prominent place in many of my healing paintings. 

With correct knowledge of  Feng Shui some energies can be added and some reduced in any space by activating the sectors with feng shui cures to balance the earths magnetic energy and bring harmony in any space. This balance and harmony brings happiness, heals relationships,brings love and health ,wealth and abundance. 

Adding so much thought and planning to the large canvas, with choice of colours and specific symbols, and finally completing the energy with an Over powering Reiki symbol of Abundance, the Magic star, the Midas star. The size of this painting is 48x53 inches, done In acrylic paints,  year 2016. This large canvas is in Very Good Condition in year 2020, freshly photographed. If you would like the details close up images of this painting do email me, 

Absoluteness, absolutely stunning spiritual cubism canvas, symbolism at its Best! 

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!

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