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How Does a Wealth Symbol Painting work for your benefit? Abundance Symbol 8 Magical Effects

How Does a Wealth Symbol Painting work for your benefit and sharing some few Abundance Symbol Effects that you will begin to see after displaying this healing art. Did you know that when you display symbols of wealth you begin to send direct messages to the Universe to attract this. When you have broken objects, dirty house, unkempt wardrobe, leaking taps and pipes, clogged drains, stuffed kitchen and refrigerator with outdated objects these all will block your prosperity. Very important, your main door feng shuii- anything outside must always be beautiful and clean and not broken dirty or a space for dumping everything extra.

The most beautiful symbol of a higher level is the Midas Star, that is believed to attract abundance. The symbol has to be written correctly and I have done so many paintings with this beautiful symbol after practicing it plenty and plenty of times over the years. it is very important for me to write the symbol with pure clear intentions and easy strokes without breaks. Breaks in symbols brings leaking energy.

One of the strongest fear that every individual has is of wealth and whether they will continue to have wealth in their life. This no doubt is important as money can , maybe not buy all things but surely can buy a lot of things. The basic fear is so true also with high expenses and lifestyle requiring continuous flow of wealth for happiness, as people believe. The spiritual symbol is connected to not just physical wealth as in cash, money, or currency, though it does show changes in welcoming prosperity. Wealth is just one aspect that you see changes, gradual but powerful ones.

Sharing 8 magical effects of Wealth Reiki paintings here, just a few as each one will experience some more magic , all depends upon your intentions and heart, and as you love the symbol, the symbol loves you back manifolds!

1) Changes may be miraculous as an unexpected promotion, may also be drastic as some people may even change their jobs for better, and it can bring in wealth from different sources, unexpected sources. Concessions, offers, cash backs and unexpected money cheques.

2) Family members find new ways that bring increased wealth, they receive guidance from people, again known as well as unexpected sources also.

3) It literally shows abundance in all aspects of life, one important one is health. Attracting good health, people accept their health, limitations and are guided to find new ways to improve health.

4) Relationships are magically healed, right from close ones to friends, work colleagues, domestic helps, and in general others.

5) Self realization, comes with new insights, what is good for you and your family. You suddenly start to understand what is important, prioritizing things and experiences in life for joy.

6) The symbols gives direction and focus to your life.

7) The symbol also heals the heart of its issues. Past and present ones. Opening up your heart to give and receive love.

8) A combination of specific symbols can work wonders if hung in proper location and wall space. Wealth symbols are coins, cash, turtles, water flowing, filled pots with water, money bag, colours golden red purple dark blue orange, frog, maneki neko cat, fairies etc.

The Turtle and The Wheel! painting in progress photo
The Turtle and The Wheel! painting in progress photo

For the Love of Symbolism!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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