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All you want to know of best Signature for success! Signing artwork, where do you sign a painting?

Your signature will take you towards success! Signature is so important influencer in your life that if you knew this you would immediately change your curly artistic signature! Yes, signature has basic feng shuii rules and I am sharing that today. First understand what a signature symbolizes. Confusing texts letter in signature makes your life energy confusing, your mind is always confused. Too many ups and downs in letters brings life challenges and too many trials in your life. You are never relaxed or at peace. If the font is too large you tend to be bossy dominating and if the letters are too small you tend to be depressive person with low self esteem. First letter big and then signature tapers off means you will begin anything with a bang but are unable to fulfill life tasks with same high energy. Surname in signature big gives lot of importance to family and less on self growth. You will feel stifled. Curly and ornamental I am afraid is not good, you twist destiny and confuse energy. Cursive strokes in signature look so beautiful, isn't it? but check the last stroke, does it go up, or down or in a loop? up stroke is good, low will bring down fall and loop is you keep repeating the same mistakes in life and are jumbled in own energy tussles so not much growth is possible for such a person.

Signature must have legible letter, must move a slightly slant towards upward at the end and must not have too many pointed strokes of up and down in alphabets. It is very good to underline your name fully, if you underline half the signature you get incomplete life energy. If the last part is underlined means you struggle till you get old and then you achieve some success and fame. Dots are so beautiful symbolism in signature. One dot is very harmful for life feng shuii, because a full stop, actually means literally that for your life, no progress, full stop and the more you write signature the more you are messaging the Universe and your mind about full stop. Two dots are really auspicious as when we are writing a story or a post and we make two dots.. that means to be continued. That opens up a doorway of opportunities in your life. The more you sign the more you amplify this energy.

Signature of an artist, the most important thing that increases the value of your prized possession, your painting. As art collectors pay in huge sums to purchase a rare artwork of a famous artist it is the signature that increases the value of your painting. A Picasso, Leanordo, Raza and Hussain goes off in huge amounts $ and a new artists work goes for less $ so it is all in the signature. A signature of a famous artist indicates the years of hard work they have put in their paintings career as a result the prices of their original artworks and painting prints rises gradually over the years.

Why is it important to sign you painting and what is the correct method and where do you sign? First of all there is no right or wrong in writing procedures for signatures. many famous artists have proved this fact that you as an artist can sign anywhere on your original painting. Some follow the old traditional way to sign with colour or ink on the right hand side bottom of the canvas or paper, whereas some like to sign their original paintings on the left bottom side of the canvas. Many artists use the same brush and left over colour from the same painting as this creates a connection and harmony with the artwork they have painted. Some use black or contrast paint so that their signature is seen prominently on the painting, after all we all paint for recognition! You may use any technique to sign your original paintings, but it would be better to use the same colours or contrasting colours that have been used in the painting as this helps you to sign your painting without it looking like a sore thumb on your work.

Some artists also write their signature in bold letters on the painting at the top whereas some symbolic artworks are signed at the side of the paintings. No rules here but as an artist you must remember to have consistency in your signatures as this is the only way to recognize your art after many years and decades. The value of your painting will also depend upon the status of the artist and it would be easy for your collectors and buyers to recognize and buy your art. There are also Chinese calligraphy artists who stamp signatures on their paintings with ink. A signature is a sign the identity of the artist and will remain even after the artist has left this world, as a proof of a life dedicated to painting. You may create your own signature style of signing your paintings. As for prints you have a certain standard procedure to sign which has date, month year along with the number of prints published and the respective number on the print. My healing paintings are always signed with Raz and date. There is inventory number at the back of every painting and also medium and year of the artwork. Then I also give a authenticity certificate with every art purchase which ahs details, phot of the artwork, its unique ID number and price it was purchased at. There are also specific suggestions to hang the painting in feng shuii sectors for best results.

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Rizwana A. Mundewadi Wishing You All The Best!

A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Razarts , You Tuber The Red Pilgrim. Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading joy, health, wealth, love and success with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings!



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