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Your Scars are Signs That You are a Warrior! Never be ashamed of your short comings!

Empowering self, bringing a lot of self acceptance with Reiki. The beautiful symbol Harth, Se he Ki, and Mai Yur ma opens gateway to your soul. Harth will spread so much love if you love it and you will be surprised as to how your heart opens up to give and receive love, joy, abundance, health, wealth, relationships. Just about anything with reiki.

As I notice around the world people want to hide their short comings ,feel ashamed of their weaknesses, get irritated and angry if they cannot do certain things or behave in well mannered forms always.

Reach your full Potential with reiki art
Reach your full Potential with reiki art

Truth is we are made that way, imperfect! Don't you feel if God wanted, if the Universe with its perfect timing and universal laws of order would have created all clones and similar human beings?

It is what makes us unique, one of a kind, beautiful, special, and those are our differences.

There are ways to improve self, behavior, control and redirect anger, heal diseases with assistance of reiki and work upon your life to experience pure joyful healthy lifestyle. Everything is out there, available if you decided and search for it, take charge of your life now, be at peace with what you cannot change, and do change whatever you can if you feel the need for improvement. This is tricky? what is good or bad? we are not the judge. Things or behavior that hurt others is karmic bad and things words actions that benefit others and self is good.

It took me many many years to come to terms with self. Stopping the inner chaos, the low self esteem thoughts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, most of which is almost always covered with a beautiful sheet of calm front. What is so good is always mistaken as self doubt and we always strive to be like some one else. The society has made some norms and all follow it , behavior, actions, thoughts are termed in slots of right and wrong.

Simply put, go and follow your heart with every action, if it beats too fast, if there is uneasiness, if palpitations begin before an act then something may not be right in the act and so avoid it, follow your heart, follow your gut, but do keep the brain with reasoning active too! Many times just being positive does not help, you need to act upon ,here Reiki gives the desired push in to right direction.

Much Gratitude, spreading hope to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings,

All the Best,

The Red Pilgrim

professional reiki healing artist from India.



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