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Ox Metal Powerful Reiki Healing art how I make this live on YouTube!9 New Year Tips

The Chinese New year started on a beautiful auspicious day, February 12,2021. this is the Year of zodiac animal Ox. very strong powerful and majestic animal Ox. In this most Yang moment on this day I made this beautiful Zodiac symbol reiki art, watch the video live on You Tube. The second animal in the zodiac.

Celebrated my Birthday February 9, with my hubby and added family connected on WhatsApp video call. This is such a blessing to have video calls and Zoom calls that has connected families during this times of Corona lockdown.

Metal! Accessories, highlights, lights, artifacts and paintings all can be added with a modern contemporary touch of style and sparkle!

There are a combination of energies and then the magic formula which is my love and special symbols added. There is always what I call the magical touch added whenever I send any healing art to a buyer.

The Zodiac Ox people are straight forward and hence usually tend to be taken for granted. They have the habit of saying point blank truth and do not have the diplomacy. Most Ox people are hardworking, dependable, intelligent, reliable, trustworthy.

Lucky colours blue, yellow, silver, purple, grey.

This is the Year of Metal Ox hence it will bring in strong energy for finances and stock markets.

Knowledge of zodiac is very helpful to understand self and also others. Healing relationships and making a better version of yourself!

The Years ending at midnight is the most Yang moment and tap this to see miraculous results in your life, its the best Feng Shui energy.

1) In Feng Shui, Old Masters used to advice to clean the house before sunset of the last day , and do not clean, sweep or mop the house on the first day of the new year. All blessings are absorbed in the house and chi is activated.

2) Try to keep the door open at midnight to welcome the strongest best energy in to your home to nourish it and give it strength. Light it well.

3) Avoid arguments, bickering and any tussles during this time as the energy carries forward for the whole year.

4) Do nine things trick for making the universe happy. Add nine new objects in your house. Anything as you wish. This can be furniture or any artifact pieces.

5) Most powerful Feng Shui Reiki letter, if you have certain wishes and desires , write these just on the stroke of midnight and place it in an enclosed envelope with positive intentions under your pillow or a book. I have written many Reiki letters for those who have asked for along with adding my healing art, as these give great results.

6) If you really have certain big dreams do the Sixteen Lucky trick. From the midnight letter, continue writing a new letter each day till sixteen days with your wishes . Trust the Universe for your best and wishes do come true!

7) Intentions and Trust, you must do with clear intentions and heart, to see miraculous changes in your future.

8) Most important, do not share this with anyone, as we do not know intentions of others ,also doubts and fears of others may create in your dreams fulfillment energy. Reiki, Distance Reiki, Feng Shui is a tried , tested since years and gives Awesum results. Do not do it just for fun, remember what you give out comes back to you!

9) Whichever area , sector you need to activate, example wealth , career, relationships, health, mentor , travel luck, Be prepared with Feng Shui cures on 31st and activate them, beginning, with this most Yang moment of the New year and see faster results.

Zodiac symbol paintings have immense energy and the mystical element of bringing luck. Best hung in office or as side table art the artworks uplift, inspire and empower everyone!

Hope this helps!

Let us cherish friends and family. Let us be respectful, kind and forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness.

If I have ever hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have ever hurt me, you already have my forgiveness.

After all, our journey TOGETHER is so short! Thanks a lot for being such an important part of my spiritual journey, and I will keep sharing my Reiki symbols, Feng shui advice, and healing art to the best of my talent and abilities, Thank you All.

All the Best from Rizwana!



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