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Mean of Self-limiting beliefs?10 life changing shockers You can't heal what you don't understand

You can't heal what you don't feel/you can't fix what you don't understand...

so one more time repeating again "the Universe has everything in abundance , you just have to tap this correctly".

Childhood limiting beliefs, are the root cause and base for your present life, whether it is abundant or in limited resources and cash flow. Yes, everyone, each one of you, question these self limiting self beliefs now!!! I want you to sit down and jot your thoughts and beliefs.

If you really are charged up to change your life, begin now!

Going about with this energy and play of words for the blue print of success, guiding you with ten fantastic life changing acts and words and healing art.

In process of researching with deep symbolism and meanings about 100's of self limiting beliefs that are the game changers of your life. The tip of the ice berg here,  sharing 10 self limiting beliefs that have been embedded into your psyche, not your own, taught ones from childhood, that are in some way or other limiting your self joy, health, relationships, growth and success. 

coming to the most powerful blue print of success-WORDS! 

keep note of what you say, the words you use daily,  because that is exactly what you are saying to your brain. 

Human Brain- you will be amazed to learn about the power of human brain. Most powerful body part in the world. The human brain has no limitations to what it can achieve. And let me share that this has little to do with your genes and physiology and much to do with your every day beliefs and actions. 

There are more than 86 billion neurons in the brain. Brain activity is done by interconnections of neurons in response to nerve impulses. Scientifically proved that stress can reduce brain functioning and even the size of your brain.

Did you ever watch the image of a human brain cell? the transmission of messages? the interconnections, neuro transmitters? go now, check it on Google. 

How does the human brain work?

long term memories are stored throughout the brain as groups of neurons that are bonded together in the same pattern as the original experience they were created with. Memories are stored as microscopic changes at the connecting points  between neurons in the brain. 

So when you see or meet a person or visit a place all nerves send messages together from different sensations. How you see the person? how you smell the environment? what do you hear the person speaking, and so on. So this is stored as a combination of messages assembled as one experience. 

There is  part in your brain- the  hippocampus, and the frontal cortex together are responsible for analyzing and sorting out the sensory inputs and deciding whether they are worth remembering as long term memory or not.  

Unconscious and Conscious memory.

Unconscious memory is information stored without our knowledge. Like learning a skill or task that may be difficult but once learned remains as memory.

The conscious memory is also learned swiftly but also forgotten easily and needs to be repeated to remember it. 

Attention-encoding-retrieval-storage. This is the way any memory is stored in our brain. 

Bring to attention what you want to continue in life, understand it well, only take what serves your higher purposes and improves your life/ encode new memories along with past of beneficial ones/ stored in long term memory and can be accessed anytime you need it.

It is here that we have to tap into. Work into.  This memory aspect and undo or redo some memories and make your brain work for you. 

If you go about reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs, scientists, great artists, they didn't become famous over night. They had years of persistence, passion and dedicated effort/actions to bring out what we term as the "Eureka moment"!

Apple computers started with a dream, something invisible, except in words. Do you agree? it is the people who take the less traveled path that make history.

Brain cells can be made healthy, regenerated, even brain size increased by daily affirmations, putting new activity challenges to the brain, giving brain direction and plan to act. Responses can be planned, surround yourself with symbols, see how your brain loves the visual messages! ..

Treat your brain as a close friend, make it work along side you as a close partner, make things happens. 

Self-limiting beliefs,what does this mean? 

The small baby/ child has no fears. Children play with innocent joyfulness and are always full of energy. They are not bothered about any limitations as they do not known about them. then comes the messages, Don't eat this? you have to eat this much to be healthy/ don't go there you will fall...don't talk /don't laugh loudly /don't /don't/don' this familiar with you? does it spark anything inside you?

Childhood self-limiting beliefs are those that have been taught to us by elders/parents/family/relatives/teachers/society. 

Wouldn't life have been beautiful if someone would have shown us what to do instead of what not to do?

This in no way means that we must not consider our taught beliefs or break every rule. that too will not work for you. you as a grown up must bring out the root cause from where the self limiting belief began, take what is useful and beneficial and replace with positive what is acting as  a hurdle in your life today.

That is exactly what I am sharing here-change the blue print of your life now.

It will take time, but it does happen. Robin Sharma has come upon with 99 days of daily acts to bring about change in life. I say with my healing art you will begin to see changes within a week. Yes, complete life change takes years gradually but the energy shift immediately begins as you hang the art in correct feng shui direction or space where it is most viewed. 

Randomly chose ten beliefs that limit your life growth and the life hacks to over come these.

1) Self-limiting self-esteem beliefs-

heard this that mommy or papa said when you were young, you are slow learner/you are not as intelligent as your sibling/you are not good at speaking/everyone picks up your sibling as they are smarter/you are good for nothing/you were born unexpectedly/you are a liability to the family ....and so many of them! the list may go on, jot down now. It will bring a smile on your face and suddenly open up new doors of self enlightenment for you, try it!

2) Self-limiting physical beauty/body beliefs-

sharing examples here- you are not beautiful as your sibling/ you are dark skinned/you are short or too tall/ you are thin or too fat/you are not fit to be loved and cared for/girls or boys do not behave in this manner/whatever you do you will never be loved ....again the list may begin with few and comes up with endless words of past.

3) self-limiting sibling relationships beliefs-

some beliefs- your brother or sister is smart/your sibling does homework on own/your sibling gets such good grades always/ your sibling is weaker and needs special care you don't need this/ you cannot play with your sister or brother/ your toys are different and you will not play with those/ you are elder so you have to share your toys/you have to sacrifice your joy and happiness for your siblings/ on....

4) self-limiting money/cash/wealth beliefs-

absolutely this will hit the nail for most of us!

hindering life negative wealth beliefs- money doesn't grow on trees/don't spend much for yourself/always keep parents/family first in spending money/ you will never earn like so an so/you are not worthy of money as you are not qualified/ you must not earn more money as it brings sickness/ you don't need lots of money/you must not have good lifestyle as you will be hit by evil eye/if you have wealth it is for family and not for yourself/you only get what you deserve/you can only earn this "_" amount of money/ ...ha ha ha at this evolved stage after years of self work and self talk, laughing here,, but it is really painful, isn't it true? 

5) self-limiting enjoying life beliefs-

Don't smile/don't look happy, don't express your happiness with anyone/ don't indulge in good food in front of anyone/always be grumbling and sad as others are also like that/ if you be positive/joyful people will have bad intentions for you/ you will fall sick after every enjoyable occasion/don't dress up well you will  spend next few days in sickness/don't travel and don't share about your travels as others will envy you/don't feel happy for anything it is Gods blessing and He will take it away!...more as the list... add yours ...

6) self-limiting smiling laughter/crying beliefs

you can not smile that shows you are happy and you will fall sick/ don't laugh loudly as it is not acceptable in society/don't laugh in front of anyone/don't laugh even if the occasion demands so/follow cultural norms to express happiness/smile gracefully and controlled manner like sophisticated beings/ never laugh loudly animals do it/ don't cry in front of others/men don't ever cry/ women are weak hearted and cry often/ men must be brave and never cry/men must always be stable in all times/   ....

7) self-limiting expressing love and romance beliefs-

how can you talk about on the subject of love? love is a forbidden word/ you don't express your feelings about love to even your partner/you cannot ask for love? you must not expect love and respect from your partner/you must follow religious norms and respect love your partner/you have no right to enjoy love/romance/ only the male has the right to express/

...add yours , they may be different and shocking for you too!

8) self-limiting sex/sexual relationships/marriage beliefs

only men have right to sex/females must never  ask or express their sexual needs/ females must not have sexual needs as this amounts to cheap behavior/ wife has to always be the sacrificing one/ men can do away with sexual mistakes but not women/ men can get many partners even after divorce/ men are superior than women/once married you have to keep compromising and make it work/ marriage is the ultimate institution/ rituals make marriage/ ....

...add your specific limiting beliefs embedded in your brain now.  

9) self-limiting social norms behaviors beliefs-

men have to behave in strong manner/ women are always sensitive and weak/ men can express anger physically too, as this is machoism/ men must control their partners/ women must never get involved in finances/ women don't understand about money/men eat first followed by women/ the list again is endless as roles set by society are like a tabloid of rules and social norms.

10) self-limiting travel beliefs-

finding yourself stuck up and fearful to travel, think about this.

don't travel to other cities people will rob you/ you will get sick if you eat food in other cities/ you will not get sleep in any other place than your home/ you will get lost ion travel/you will spend lot of precious money which can be used for family/ you will not get anything from travelling/ you don't need a vacation or travel/ you must not travel to far away places/ you need lots of money to travel anywhere/ once you go pout you will spend a lot more than you have and come back with debt/ travel means visiting relatives/ travelling the world dreams is not for common people/ only the rich travel/ travelling anywhere is a waste of money....

You can't heal what you don't feel/you can't fix what you don't understand...

the first step towards leading a complete and successful life is self awareness. Learn to feel first. learn to find out yourself first. who are you? what are your beliefs? what are your priorities? what do you want to do with this unique life of yours? what is your soul purpose? 

How to get here? mediate every day for at least fifteen minutes in the feng shuii north west direction if possible. Any space that brings peace and calm to you will do but the specific feng shuii direction energy fits like key in the lock. Trust me, you will get answers. If you don't understand or are confused with the messages you are getting during this meditations, share in the comments section or email me, I will guide you.

All the problem lies here, you don't understand the  cause of hurdles, you don't understand the money blocks, you don't understand the reasons behind relationships failures...and if you don't understand then how can you heal this? how can you change?

think about this and share your experiences if you have some really stubborn mental blocks, together we can open them and make your life  more joyful!

If you are ready to analyze/shortlist/ locate your life hurdles and change it for better, check out my Soul Perk Art! Art that heals , symbols that work.

Get a customized artwork made a wish fulfillment painting in your budget.

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Painting in this Post Flight of Grace, acrylic on canvas large sized statement art!


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