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What shape are You? Geometric paintings symbolism

Geometric shapes cubism paintings attract some who love the sacredness in shapes. The whole world can be represented by various shapes and each object thing or individual corresponds to a particular shape, be it a circle, square or rectangle or triangle. Which shape are you? every person is a shape! yes, seems daunting and confusing isn't it?

every person has their feng shuii number, the lucky number , personality number. And every person has their lucky element. Each element is expressed by a shape. Water (Aquarius zodiac) is expressed by wavy up down lines, Earth has the shape of square, wood has rectangle, fire is triangle and metal is circle. The subject is really vast, simply put each person has a dominating element in feng shuii and if you use the information correctly you can achieve great heights in life. Shapes are also powerful tools in feng shui as they correspond to images for attracting energy for every elements. If colorful shapes give you happiness and you are attracted to such art, Cubism art is healing for you!

Spiritual Opulence! Large Sized Cubism abstract painting displayed in living room
Spiritual Opulence! Large Sized Cubism abstract displayed in Living Room

After thousands of small cubism artworks on paper, many I tore, some I have assembled into collages, Untitled, a few years of my life. Cubism still draws me and even with symbols there are lines that form into shapes and meaningful lines. I always wondered about abstracts and how people were confused in understanding them.

Untitled! Cubism Collage displayed with yellow chair urban decor
Untitled! Cubism Collage displayed with yellow chair urban decor

Hence I felt to go in the direction of partial abstracts and not total abstracts. Here the viewer can relate to the painting in a much better manner and also understand it. I do feel any painting must be self explanatory and must not need any explanation by the artist. Lines were my favorite and I did many line drawings. Then came the thought of giving meaning and direction to these lines and I came upon symbols. Since then symbols have become a part of my life. The Chinese characters which I love because of their simplicity and a vast meaning of single characters. Each character can express a whole lot more than even what a sentence can do. By using symbols my paintings have an individual identity and name The meanings of symbols are viewed differently by different viewers according to their individual experiences in their life. But all of them are positive and always lead to a better harmony.

Symbols are a beautiful way to add power to your walls. The intention of the healing artist are of course important, you connect to the cubism art with your own past experiences, emotions and soul connections. Soul longings are feelings of emptiness that we have no words to describe, then you get drawn to certain shapes, and they soothe your mind and soul. Add up to your date of birth, simply get the total to a single digit and follow the number energy. Faith takes you to another beautiful level, another realm of higher force.

The shy soul emerges victorious from the strong ego and emerges truly beautifully from the cleansing. Confident about the existence, the identity and the oneness with the universe, there is perfect harmony with the universal life force, that’s when you start being a mere spectator, rather than being actively involved in every situation. You learn to accept the flow, stop being judgmental in every situation and start to give benefit of doubt and go along. Life becomes more peaceful, more happy and more fruitful.

Spiritual Elegance! Cubism abstract painting displayed in urban decor living room
Spiritual Elegance! Cubism abstract painting displayed in urban decor living room

A Part of Saatchiart's Rothko Collection! The largest and most famous online art Gallery Saatchiart, Rizwana A.Mundewadi at Saatchiart. I have been displaying my art since many years. With such happiness and excitement , I am sharing that one of my paintings has been selected to be a part of art collection inspired by Rothko, the Great! While he painted large expanses of bold colors, which could bring up loads of emotions from the viewers and still do.

His work progressed gradually towards abstracts which he termed as moving towards clarity.

Very large scale paintings according to him to make the viewer feel 'enveloped within the painting "to paint a small picture is to place yourself outside the experience, however you paint a larger picture you are in it".

Contrasting large rectangular blocks of colors, spiritual art.

The painting selected here has been painted in year 2011 is large on oil sketch paper in oils and acrylics. With minimalist, cubism , modern art, squares and the golden edges forming a defining part of spirituality. Interesting interpretations come up and even after years the paintings till draws me within as I observe it. Emotions are harmonized, the mind from the chaos becomes quiet and still, bring us in the moment. The eye jumps from one line to another, one square to another, all of them look same, yet so different is each one.

The effects of oils and layering has come out beautifully in this spiritual blue cubism abstract painting Spiritual Elegance.

Elegance a simple minimalist movement with grace. Muted yet so strong Vibes, Zoom the artwork and feel the flow!

The work has a spiritual aura with the apt choice of colors.

Coming to what shape are you, share your birthdate in comments and I will find you your personality number. and which shape is beneficial for you. Numerology is a proven technique now to attract good supportive energies. You also can observe your lifestyle and what shape objects or things you love. there is a hidden liking for every person in regards to shapes. If you love squares and seem to buy clothes' that have square shapes, art that has square shapes and even furniture with square shapes then you have the natural energy of stability and confidence in you which you don't realize. When you like circle shape then you have the strength of metal and adding such shapes objects especially in metallic colours, silver gold, antique, bronze, you can activate metal luck energy. Having circle shape in the north is very auspicious feng shuii for wealth luck since money, metal element, in feng shuii is activated by shape circle. Water is wealth and wavy shapes bring water energy.

Having wall art, healing paintings on your walls with elements energy are very powerful artworks to activate luck in your life.

My Old cubism precious artworks are still in Very Good condition. I tore them apart into small sized artworks, and then I assembled joined them into larger art prices, something about getting things together! binding them with golden colour, kintsugi the art of joining broken vases, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing them with powdered dust of gold silver or platinum and the traditional culture has it that those pieces are more beautiful and more costly just as a life and heart that is pained and the more scar's you have the more beautiful and evolved you are! So came up my large canvas We r all a little broken..and that's ok...that's ok! check this!

Inspired by cubism and minimalism is this abstract where I did not make any lines with ruler or objects, I painted strong symbols and Reiki symbols into large calligraphy as base for this painting. Then the flow, allowing the paint with swift confident yet soft lines over lapping, sometimes merging together, sometimes just brushing by, lines with so much energy, deep hidden symbolism, take a closer look by zooming the art and you will enter the abyss of healing energies!

Shapes can be added to your life in any form. be it wall art, upholstery, cushions, sculptures, just about getting creative and using your best shape to attract your best true self!

What is that each one is looking out for? each will have a different list. In general when people request for feng shuii advice or reiki healing it is for wealth, health, job, career, education, foreign luck, attract ,marital partner etc. Just think about what you actually want? we all want to be our best true self! that must be our aim in life. trust me all the rest will follow and fall into place!

Trust the process, allow the flow!

Here's Wishing You an Amazing 2021!

Thank you so much for connecting with my Healing art!

All the Best from Rizwana! Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards redesigning lives with healing art!



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