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Covid 19 survivor! How to deal with Quarantine? Hikikomori syndrome? Reiki videos meditation

Hikikomori, a term I heard in past few years, not even aware of this as it came about in a movie, and the mind with its inquisitiveness finally found to answers to my emotions, my feelings and my chosen soul pathway. Going through this tough lockdown period and hearing so much news about deaths and diseases sickness and challenges, being a Covid 19 survivor so many things emerged with clarity now with understanding the fragility of life. Life is so precious and beautiful, trust me, you have to be blessed to be breathing now, because so many just took their last breath!!!

The Hikikomori syndrome that had intrigued me is over lapping today with Covid 19 lockdown times and even now in year 2021. Families, children's, elders, all confined to their homes and searching for joy within those limitations of finances, and space. Many quarantine people are taking to spiritual videos and exercises apps to take charge of their health weight and mental status. Do not panic, take charge. Fear is the fort emotion that makes you lose the battle. I actually talked to the virus and thanked it many times, it is of course a virus, isn't it? media has inflated it to something demon like. Be hydrated and be healthy with rich nutritious diet. I am one person who cannot tolerate most medicines expect for paracetamol and and few.

Fire Serpent! Reiki Dragon symbol art

Reiki to heal quickly from any disease. Actually finding their families are wonderful people and finding ways to make the most of this are my Reiki healing videos to help heal those misunderstanding and create a bond, a lasting pure bond of love between all family members and I hope this time will bring the most beautiful transformation the Universe is seeking since ages and bring people together with love.

So much vibrations of internet, so much plastic, so much uprooting of tress, so much abuse to health and body, so much imbalance in caring and giving, detachment of relationships, selfishness, so much travelling tourism, much was going for the Earth that she collapsed due to man made mistakes and finally the Universe started to make major changes to bring some harmony in her system.

We have to thank Corona virus for bringing beautiful lessons to our life. Suddenly our eyes are wide open. Ease out anxiety during lockdown times Reiki healing.

Reiki protection against bad times- Covid 19 lockdown

Especially those who have faced this and gone through the quarantine period. So much fear, insecurity, unsurety, and restlessness comes and media does not help in any way. For those who are hospitalized the challenge is more difficult with no family member allowed to visit them till fifteen or more days. For those who lost precious lives there is no replacement for this sudden loss. We have to thank corona for she came with here lessons for those who understand and accept the divine plan. You learn to let go, you learn to forgive and forget and you learn how precious these few moments of breaths are and want to live the most from this.

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What is Hikikomori?

In Japan many adolescents and young adults are more and more choosing to be confined to enclosed spaces and for months/years not having  any social contact tot he outside world. Media, social networks, technology ipads ear phones, tabs, laptops and Alexa and personal assistants have been so over powering/addicting that children and young adults hardly find the need to make any social  contact with the outside world. 

Be aware that we are not talking here of confining to home space for few days or weeks for sickness, vacations, personal breakups or any other emotional causes. Here the children are healthy and yet there is absolutely no need to go out! 

Hikikomori began in the early 1990's it preceded general increase in internet usage. 

Hikikomori's are described as loners or modern day hermits, Estimates suggest that more than half a million Japanese youth are affected and become social recluses, and more than half a million middle aged individuals in Japan are Hikikomori's - by Wikepedia.

Simply put all needs are being provided for from their confined space so there is actually no need for them to step out of their comfort zone.

Is this normal? parents are getting more and more worried as the numbers of Hikikomori's in japan is increasing and in fact the whole world is being gradually affected by this Hikikomori syndrome spreading like wild in all countries from  United States, Spain, South Korea, Finland, Morocco, Italy, France to India. 

Hikikomori statistics- "According to Japanese government figures released in 2010, there are 700,000 individuals living as hikikomori within Japan, with an average age of 31. Still, the numbers vary widely among experts. ... Additionally, the government estimates that 1.55 million people are on the verge of becoming hikikomori.

The government has estimated Japan's population of hikikomori aged 15–64 to be 1.15 million. But Saitō believes the authorities may be under counting the shut-ins; he suggested that the figure could be more like 2 million"

(Information  Credit Google) 

There was always the feeling of being aloof, being alone for so many hours each day painting, being with plants and birds, and very less human contact except for a few functions that may come up in about six months or a year! but well, artists need inspiration and if you are over the media and on the web twenty fours hours and day socializing partying then how will you find time to make art? You will not be able to contact me on phone(because I don't take unknown number calls), its always by email,whatsapp or social media. 

So its ok to live in your majestic solitude as long as you are not completely off from social contact and fear social conversations, its ok to choose the majestic solitude.

But not so much that you cannot talk to anyone, you cannot see directly in their face and converse, or you fear abandonment and go inwards deep into the abyss of inner chaos. 

Hikikomori in Japanese means "pulling inwards" 

Even during lockdown times you have to get some sun and go out at least in few days with N95 mask to keep in touch with the outside world. To feel the earth soil below your feet and get grounding energy. During strict lockdowns we have supplies that are home delivered and even online shopping increased for those who have financial freedom.

Take charge by choosing healthy foods, fruits, trying new dishes to maintain some excitement in your family, exercising is a must to be healthy and meditation is your soul booster. Peace of mind clarity and starting fresh dreams with this lockdown, you will realize there are actually new markets, new opportunities and new careers setting up with these challenging times...those who search find... limitless opportunities.. and Thank God that you are alive!!

coming to this term, How do you recognize a Hikikomori?

1) more than six months of not going outside home.

2) Spending most time and almost everyday alone in their room.

3) Not attending any social functions or get together, avoiding any social connections physically  outside home.

4) No physical or biological sickness or cause is seen after examination medically.

5) Almost every minute engrossed in phones and internet web activity, eating sleeping with technology on and connected. Most are addicts to virtual online games and porn. Addictions to pornography which chakras and free Reiki healing video on YouTube.

6) Have very few or no real friends except for the virtual ones. May be shy , introverted and avoid conversation even with family except to someone family member be it father/mother/sibling.

7) Feel pressures of the outside world as in school/college and become recluse. Avoid schooling, drop out of academic education institutions and may appear unhappy, angry, irritable or dull.

8) Avoiding any form of communication with known people and family and issues with self care.

9) Fear of commitment and high level of insecurity and low self esteem. This also can be opposite on the scale with high stress, anger, irritability and angry outbursts.

Reasons why this social behavioral issue has become over whelming may be so many. Society pressures, norms of behavior, cultural pressures, financial issues, too much parental control, over protective fearful parents, very strict home culture, simply putting as in Reiki healing that their soul purpose is not fulfilled and they are led away from it hence the larger the difference between expectations of elders and parents and reality brings this break down energy of cutting off completely from social contact and confining themselves to home/ their room.

Hikikomori's are usually seen in affluent families who have all the facilities and resources available for the children. 

Internet , mobile phones, gaming, virtual reality, video games, internet addiction, social media addiction, is all that has over the years brought about subtle changes which parents and families never pay attention too and then gradually leads their children young adults to isolation/confinement and becoming a social recluse.

How the awareness enfolds and opens up in front of parents is another important issue. Do the parents of Hikikomori's face the society or do they avoid talking about their children fearing being termed as failures in parenting? 

Happy Solar Plexus art displayed
Happy Solar Plexus art displayed

Not just the young adults it is a viscous circle of no support from anyone as each one fears being labelled as an influencer in the child's today condition. While grand parents may cover up and pamper the child assuring them of financial support, parents avoid conversing with their child hoping the condition will feasle out gradually on its own with age. Friends too may start avoiding contacting and then the child goes in his comfort zone, of quietness and solitude. they end up eating, sleeping and being on the web for most hours of the day.

Effects of Hikikomori syndrome-