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Are you wasting life elements energy? Interesting info about conservation of your destiny luck

People add so many things to activate feng shuii elements energy cures to With lifestyle and behaviors have you ever noticed how much of your life chi you are wasting? feng shuii wealth activators, enhancers for relationships, business luck feng shuii cures, you chose the best cures. if you find challenges in life think about this. how much water do you use for personal uses? for drinking, bathing, washing vehicles, watering garden etc. Remember you are using your personal water element resource available from Mother Earth to you. Freedom from money worries, health worries and relationship worries, read the post below.

How much air oxygen you are using? and how much are you replenishing?

The formula for success is to give more and take less. Give more services and take less resources from mother Earth.

When you buy a bottled water, how much do you drink? then you throw away the bottle with remaining water. That way you are wasting your water element. Water in feng shuii is money. would you throw money in bins? try to use only the amount you require. Remaining water can be thrown in soil or used for garden plants. In restaurants only fill that much what you will drink.

Food is health Energy. The more you throw the more you are giving away your personal health energy to bins. And you keep wondering why you are feeling low and depressed even after having everything! everyday you are throwing a part of you!

when you smoke you throw the fire element to bins. You unnecessary get into arguments and quarrel you are using your fire energy that can be channelized for your better. That fire energy is required for you to work, to achieve success in business, to bring ventures luck. The next time you feel angry remember not to waste that energy and think about conserving your self chi. The fire in the belly has to be conserved for life success and not wasted on anything else. For that you need self realization and focus.

You feel scared, insecure, fearful, jealous, and do not trust anyone, think about the root chakra that is affected. You are wasting Earth and Fire energy through your behavior unknowingly. Stomach is the root cause for many life issues and life chi can be easily activated if you are judicious in use of available resources to your life. Little Earth added top your life in form of small potted plant will activate energy. Fire energy is needed for the root chakra.

All of that leads to heart chakra. Why in Reiki and feng shuii we lay so much importance on heart chakra? because any blocks here will prevent success in life. Not just personal health, but costing us relationships and karmic pain, soul pain. We hence activate with pink and green. Do you use these colors in any form in your life? and what about when people wear only black clothes and repel from bright colors immediately understand their heart blocks. Personally I have been a person with blacks and dark blues only in my wardrobe and I realized I was a aloof person, solitude person and never could connect with anyone socially. Wear clear colours clothes that bring you joy and see how they uplift your chi. Chakras can benefit immensely form the colors you wear. Heart happy will make surroundings happy other people happy- not by magic, you will do it!

Now are you losing focus in life? you don't have goals? think about your forehead. How is the skin there? do you mediate and keep the energy fresh in your mind or you waste with negative talk and negative thoughts. Also mentioning about bindis, tikas, that women apply. Avoid this as this may block energy of your third eye chakra. Many women co9ntinue to apply as tradition but have skin rashes and are hesitant to stop this ritual. stop it, its upto you for your personal chi conservation. If you keep repeating anything that you don't like you are wasting your life chi and thus you will keep feeling low, have less motivation and will to work. Avoid applying large red bindis that block your forehead chi. Instead choose sandalwood or natural lavender oil or mild turmeric to activate energy here. The colour of the third eye chakra is deep blue.

You want stability strength and stable relationships in family, plant two pots at home or office. Trees planted any where will bring you immense luck. No wonder nature drives, planting drives, are going as a ritualistic practice to give back to the Universe. Remember every tree growing, especially fruit trees , anywhere, they will keep activating your personal life qi. As you make intentions and give love to your garden plants and water them with love, so will your life become fruitful, full of meaning purpose and satisfaction. As you stop wasting water during bathing by using a bucket instead of shower, you bring the remaining bottle of water and use them for your plants, you will see those little acts of saving will save your money and add up to your wealth. Root chakara is activated with colour red but you must use this sparingly. Add orange and yellow those will give you miraculous results in your life for longevity and all feng shuii.

Death Position Energy in Feng Shui , one of the most negative energy space, poison arrow effects comes from sleeping in the death position. Here again with thsi simple act you are wasting life energy. Bed placements have been always given a lot of importance in feng shui yet, people apply so many fengs shui wealth cures but hardly give this one a thought. the death position. The Chinese believe that sleeping with your head in a certain direction is either beneficial or harmful to ones health and life. The most dangerous among all spaces in your home is near the door. never sleep with your feet towards door. Command position in bedroom is diagonally from the bedroom door. Never opposite to the door. Bathroom door in alignment with bed is another worst energy maker affecting health adversely.

The bed head rest must not share the wall of bathroom, wash basin , fire stove kitchen wall or any water draining structure. It affects health, mental disturbances, sleep disturbances and even stress. Anger also comes frequently to people who sleep in line with door. Water in any form , moving, flowing, is harmful near your bed. Avoid these positions , never sleep near the main door. The death position, literally as the dead are placed near the entrance before they are carried for last rites.

People struggling for going abroad, travelling places, and trying for work and job offers from other countries can benefit by hanging Conch. these beautiful symbols or placing them in lucky spaces to attract great energy for travel luck. Travel luck place a conch under your bed, conch has been considered a beautiful symbol of enlightenment since ages and also used in many religious rituals,especially Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. Conch Symbol Paintings are a great symbol for peace, harmony and good luck.

Being one among the eight auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism symbolism the conch is a very good feng shui cure to attract feng shui travel luck. The conch symbol is also a good symbol to attract education luck, thus those also wishing to travel abroad for higher education can benefit .

Water and fire, place this as very important elements in your life. Rise and shine like a Phoenix

Wealth Tip- Want more control over your wealth place a wealth vase under your bed. This is one of the ways to activate wealth luck in your life. It so happens that the feng shuii wealth area falls outside your home or near a bathroom and is difficult to activate this sector. The wealth feng shui sector is south east and prosperity sector is left side innermost of living room. If it is not possible to activate the wealth sector you can have symbols of wealth, like wealth bowls, gemstone boxes, stored under your bed in storage. This gives you more control over your finances and also attracts wealth. Write a chit, try it, for the amount you wish to receive. keep it under your pillow. twenty four days and then burn it and throw the ashes in air or soil. If your wealth southeast falls in bedroom you cannot have live plants here and also fish tanks or any water features are not placed in bedrooms as per feng shui principles so this tip can help activate your wealth luck.

Simple acts will save the resources available to you from the Universe. Every person gets 24 hours and a package of energy -elements luck. You must focus on conservation and activation instead of wasting it. Try this, in few weeks you will notice luck smiling on you! not just wealth, health but relationships and offers, opportunities, people will start loving you more respecting you and that is actually how the Universe intends to keep all humans connected.

Next time you throw food think about how you are wasting your health and when you throw water the wealth chi. Stop wondering how to activate and increase feng shuii with artificial machine made cures, and try this behavior changes. of course hand made feng shuii cures are magical and required to see fast results. Simple act of forgiveness will bring a clean slate and begin afresh! (this post step by step forgiveness ritual and video reiki arts meditation)

Hope this helps! share with others and add some good karma energy to your life feng shuii!

All the Best from Rizwana!

The Red Pilgrim!



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