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The Golden Cup and Saucer! Dining Room painting

The Golden Cup and Saucer! Dining Room painting

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The golden cup and saucer! with soft pink roses! what a beautiful display! with love made this artwork, free form, this may not look at perfect cup and saucer, but its beautiful! Tea Times are really special at my home with goodies and interesting family conversations!Inspired by Tea cups, antique old chinaware , here unique Gold tea cup and saucer, the cup of goodluck, with pink roses. The precious bonding family moments, tea times, yes, they are special when everyone comes together, it a time of connecting to each other in this fast paced life. I still have a few antique chinaware that are tiny cups, elegant and unique and they may not be practical in today's life to have tea but have a great ornamental value of preciousness.Mostly these Antique pots and vases are used as displaying of flowers.

The painting has a free form happy feel, with golden cup saucer and two pink roses, great feng shuii for bedroom art and bedside table art. Bringing in the antique hand made feel to the chinaware.As for its symbolism and energy, a good painting for relationship sector to invite , attract love and marital luck, family bonding and family happiness. For happy homes and joy in family.Colours are a mixture and blend of antique gold, gold, antique bronze, antique copper, black, white, pink.

8x11 inches, acrylic on paper, year 2018. Backed with Thick Marsala coloured hand made card paper 11.5x15 inches size, in year 2019. Art is in Good Condition in year 2024.

Price mentioned is for the artwork without frame. Shipping is free.

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