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Terra Firma 2!Mara Symbol Healing Calligraphy art

Terra Firma 2!Mara Symbol Healing Calligraphy art

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Beautiful karuna Reiki Mara symbol healing artwork for earth blessings. Written in correct manner with positive intentions and using solar plexus gut strength colours. 
Purely Reiki, Pure symbols and colour symbolism in these works of art. 11x15 inches drawing cartridge paper, year 2017. Artwork is signed and numbered. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free. 
 Minimalist, modern, Reiki symbol calligraphy abstract healing art. 
 Gaia blessings, Mother Earth, especially for people who feel alone, even in a crowd, and sometimes feel as if they have lost direction, great earth energy for grounding and feeling confident. The fact today...the number of followers on twitter, Instagram, face book and social get together ,friends and family...yet at the end of the day...something missing...the souls longing..., inspired me to make this collection Terra firma, grounding, firm solid earth. A Latin word terra means land ,dry land and firma means firm. After so many meditations, I no longer feel the need to connect as I always feel connected with the universe, symbols flow in naturally as need arises, walking barefoot, the evening garden walks have done wonders to my health, mind and aura. Yes, after a long time I have begun to sit on the floor, and touching the ground bare foot does not make me feel dirty or out of place, it is a happy feeling. Those feelings are Awesum touching the grass, the pure earthy soil in the garden, barefoot, just like with gardening, I know it is risky, but I always feel good to touch the soil bare hands and never with gloves. Gardening becomes so much more that just planting a new plant, you put your personal hand energy into it.
Intention- after the chaos and the stormy sea of life, in all aspects of life,  when you want to reach a terra firma, here is the healing art for this. To bring in stability, and confidence in all aspects of life.  
Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei, Reiki symbol painting. The painting not only heals past karma, relationships but also attracts well being and good relationships and great mentors ahead. Acceptance, grounding energy, and emotional healing. Both most beautiful powerful symbols in Reiki, Cho Ku rei and Se He Ki, written with intentions of healing. The whole process is healing, writing the symbol with pure focused intentions, the black, and the power of one, I love the energy they bring in, bringing in a symmetry, balance and a shield of protection. Chose Earthy brown and Yellow acrylics for this healing artwork.
Balance, Earth blessings, Gaia Blessings. Especially Awesum grounding energy for those in search of peace, stillness and being in the moment. The waves of web and the harsh exposure of ultra violet radiations in the atmosphere inspired me to make this art. So much going on, there is no “me time” people hardly realize and take a deep breath, and life seems to be on the move, time going fast, relationships, and all ...without accepting the fact that time once gone will never come back and life is so uncertain...the air we breathe is polluted, the longing for freshness and being in the moment feelings...tasting each morsel of food, relishing every moment with family and trying to grab as much from the time as possible as the moment passed will never come back...just like the flow of the river  it keeps moving, the beautiful symbols help attract feelings of grounding energy, stability and clarity in thoughts.
Confidence, and self acceptance, I always feel acceptance of any situation, self acceptance, acceptance of limitations and plus points,  is most important as when one accepts situations, progress and healing becomes easy, thus bringing in peace, success and harmony.  
That satisfied smile and at peace energy aura, with a glowing face, that has taken quite a time for me...that I longed for, I experience it!!! With the most beautiful triple coiled symbol Cho Ku Rei and emotional healing symbol Se He Ki, and Develop love and compassion symbol Harth, bringing in self acceptance, and trust me, once this happens , life and almost all things seem to unfold beautifully as if the puzzle pieces fall into its place, that is the magic of healing art! You no longer try to control all situations and even though you plan well you always be open to the Universe!  You arrive, you feel safe and happy within! And it will spread to your surroundings.  Hang this painting where the healing art will be visible and viewed most of the time.
 God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

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