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Summer Solstice The Pink Rose QUARTZ  BLESSINGS

Summer Solstice The Pink Rose QUARTZ BLESSINGS

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Spiritual cubism, Summer Solstice, in feng shui, the most yang moment, oil and acrylic on canvas, size 24.5x35 inches, year 2013. Pink color triangle , rose quartz, Cubism abstract symbolic painting, an amalgamation of yin and yang energy colors, cubism sacred geometry following the principles of mandala structure where the energy starts from the central core, in cubism abstraction. Rose Quartz! Feng Shui , the obsession with reading lots, Old Feng Shui books , found some great Feng Shui Masters books, from old pavements book dwellers. and of course Google! understanding deep symbolism with each object and energy, came along to understand that each year there is a beautiful , almost perfect moment, called the Summer Solstice. We can by being aware, use this for benefit .

My visit to the Buddhist monastery in Himachal Pradesh, and base of Himalayas, was unplanned, as if the Universe brought me there and then unfolded the biggest mystery of Tibetan Buddhism and The eight Symbols I have been painting since many years. My precious Rose Quartz stone pyramid , I connected with this soft baby pink stone, helps heal the heart and develops compassion. Acceptance, love, compassion, developing love and compassion. It has a special place in my life as it has helped me immensely in my self discovery, search for identity and healing my heart.

A strong composition, I have selected a few objects pondering on the energy , that can help attract good luck and prosperity. The drawings and the best combination selected , yet I cannot follow anyone or any design, and finally the paintings comes out, going with the flow, always the Blessings of the Universe.

The sacred geometry shapes, Octad, triangles ,square and circles connecting with each other form a whole.
The pink rose quartz stone which I love the most, a beautiful stone used in healing , abstract symbolic triangle forms a focal point in this painting , showering the rays of love and peace spreading over connecting with the viewer, with the red triangle and abstract flowers also vieing for attention the central red circle almost comes forward. 

A beautiful cubism abstract, All the Best from Rizwana!

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