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Sleep well and wake energized!

Sleep well and wake energized!

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Sleep well and wake energized  ! reiki art card for sleep issues. Not just a message for saying good night. Insomnia and sleeplessness is a serious issue faced by many and this affects life work relationships. Allow the flow and trust the Universe.
size of this Tiny healing card is 3.5x4.5 inches Reiki Sigil symbols healing art card.  art paper and hand made card paper.  Tiny art cards can be hung near bed, placed framed as bedside table art. This will not have any negative effects on others exposed to the energy. All will feel energized. 
Always remember Reiki is not a replacement to modern medicine and in case of physiological problems reiki art works in combination with medical therapies.
Take Care!
Share with someone who will benefit from this Reiki art, they will thank you!
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