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Outside My Door Pots with Growing Goodluck

Outside My Door Pots with Growing Goodluck

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Pots of Symbols, Reiki pots and growing fresh flowering plants, Awesum energy! plants and flowers bring an active energy to any still life art. The painting is an oil and acrylic on canvas. size 23.5x35.5 inches, year 2015. Retouched in year 2019, Art is in Good Condition in year 2021.Price mentioned is without frame. Will be shipped as a roll in tube. Shipping free. Artwork is signed and numbered and come with Authenticity certificate signed by me.

A fantasy, A dream, to put plants outside my main door. Even though we do have seen a terrace garden, window garden, entry way garden, my heart longs to place some attractive Feng Shui plants growing energy, outside my main door. (this dream fulfilled in year 2017 Thank you Universe as she listens to my art..) In Feng Shui the main door is considered the mouth of your home from where all the good luck, good energy comes to nourish your home and inmates. It not only blesses the home with fresh energy but also attracts all the good things in life. We are not allowed to place things outside our main door, here, society rules, though a lot of people never follow rules, I am one for rules, they bring out the best in me! While people always tend to dump unused , broken objects outside, footwear scattered everywhere, old furniture, and what not! I always long to have beautiful plants, attractive pots, and this painting is a dream, Yes , I know, the Universe blesses me in unknowingly Awesum ways, and Yes day...and here I am in our new space with an entry way garden! those who follow my Garden Care Simplified Google blog know, how dreams come true!

Going with my love for Vases and Pots, they represent Abundance and prosperity. contemporary pots. Movement in still life and growth is indicated by bright flowers of positive energy. The symbolic blue pot, my favorite colour, French ultramarine, has the growth of flowers where I have used white Lilly stalks growing, Red , a combination of oranges and reds,  for the two pots that fall either side by the Blue one. . A good feng shuii painting for the south and south east area for fame, success and recognition as well as wealth luck.

Painting gives so much freedom, I dream and paint, whatever I wish for, artists are great visualizers. My Pots have symbols, Chinese symbols for Wealth , goodluck, and Harmony. Sigils and Colours of Luck.

Dream flowers growing, white Lilly( Thank you Universe, I have found these Awesum bulbs and they give out beautiful white blooms!) Orange, the Best Feng Shui symbol for wealth and Prosperity. ( old plant has left us...but a new baby plant has sprung up in with rains, so yes, with hope to see the Awesum fruits!) Passion flower, I love the fine detailing in these miracles of nature, it is really a treat to the eyes, to observe a Passion flower, we lost our old one that was years back..with this painting....hoping...two colours, white ones with fluorescent lime green centers and blue ones with popping magenta and white centers.

Loads of energy and symbols! Sigil markings ""my family is together, health happy and safe " "work and home harmony and balance" "wealth flows easily towards me"with Reiki symbols Yin yang balance and Chinese symbols sigil markings"love will bring my family together", pure intentions and blessings of Cho Ku Rei from a Reiki Master healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi.


The entrance, main door, Feng Shuii always is the best place to begin with welcoming goodluck and .what a beautiful painting as a conversation piece for living rooms! welcoming fresh chi always!

Thank you for coming by Razarts! All the Best from Rizwana!



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