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Nautical luck 1! The Ship Anchor Lighthouse and Birds!

Nautical luck 1! The Ship Anchor Lighthouse and Birds!

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Birds ,ship , anchor. Nautical luck, 16x11.5 inches size, canvas paper, acrylic paints , year 2017. Without frame shipping free.

Reiki modern blue healing painting for water and sea lovers and those in profession of water. Abstract symbols with energy of water luck feng shui painting for north sector.

Nautical Luck! of blue waters, azure skies and all Nautical!!! Reiki symbol Abundance , representative of the Magical Midas Star that guides and is symbolic of long vision, right direction and achieving goals. Modern, Minimalist, Nautical Luck Feng Shuii paintings,

Strong symbolism, and the main focus with a connecting shape Anchor. The shape of Anchor has immense symbolism, and brings stability and grounding energy. It is a feeling of reaching the destination, a trip to be taken , or an achievement of successful ventures. There is Feng Shuii wealth and prosperity luck symbolism with water and the metal element activated with the use of metallic antique bronze colour.

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All the Best from Rizwana!

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