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Magnification of Energy

Magnification of Energy

₹45,900.00 Regular Price
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Reiki Cho Ku symbol abstract calligraphy red golden painting.

Size is 14x20 inches spiritual abstract calligraphy painting, done in year 2009, in oils on oil sketch paper. Backed with hand made white card paper. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free.

Red, energy painting, with golden and orange, many shades of red , Crimson lake, Rose Madder Hue, and Vermilion Red hue are blended together with Alizarin Crimson. Power symbol in Reiki, a symbolic healing painting.. The symbol of Cho Ku Rei, a very powerful symbol to purify and attract good positive energy.The displayed symbol magnifies your wishes and desires many folds as the symbol literally means , 'Put the Power Here' the triple coiled symbol, a precious Power switch, magnification of energy by the Golden Cho Ku Rei, this is one of my best symbolic artworks, its true after hundreds one of them comes out great, this is that one!.God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana

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