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Lilac Golden Sheen 1! Synchronicity of life

Lilac Golden Sheen 1! Synchronicity of life

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Synchronicity of love strength and success! , modern healing art inspired by ancient protection symbols.Wiccan protection symbols, tribal symbols, so ancient and very powerful. Attract success and harmony in life.Lilac, soothing, with a royal touch, glistening with the light , delicate lines,self textured ,lilac with golden lines hand made paper. My precious symbols, waited long for lilac, the spiritual purple colour to come up, as I have painted using bold, dark, purple and violet in many artworks but this softer toned lilac was never seen in my art. Alchemy symbols, Reiki, Wiccan, ancient Aboriginal symbols, writing with loads of love and pure focused thought by a Reiki Master healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi.

acrylic on paper and lilac hand made self design card paper. size 11x15 inches, year 2017. Price mentioned is for one calligraphy healing artwork without frame. Shipping free. artwork is signed and numbered. Comes with online Authenticity certificate signed by me. Thank you for coming by Razarts! All the Best from Rizwana!

SKU: 00241

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