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Kundalini Year 2003! Spiritual Abstract painting for sale

Kundalini Year 2003! Spiritual Abstract painting for sale

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₹24,500.00Sale Price

Kundalini a innocent abstract symbolic energy painting by healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi. More of a figurative abstract, old painting, the size of this painting done in oils on oil sketch paper in year 2003, is 12.5x19 inches. year 2003, Old abstract symbolic painting, backed with red hand made card paper for conservation purposes in year 2019. 17.5x23 inches. Awesum energy artwork, is in good condition in year 2019. the Photograph here is taken in year 2019 in natural indirect light.
Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free.

Using strong symbolism with colors and shapes in this abstract painting I have used the brightest red to symbolize earth and fire energy and the Kundalini energy as in white , the symbolism is very simple and clear in this spiritual abstract.

In its most formal sense, the word “awakening” refers to a particular experience of enlightenment that occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth or Heart Chakra. The Triple coiled snake that lies in sleeping state at the base of your spine, is Kundalini stored energy.

The white snake, that lies dormant in every individual at the base of the spine. that is hidden energy, hidden potential.

Awakening- The particular sight one sees is bright white light! a spark , a moment of bliss, ecstatic happiness. Spiritual Kundalini Awakening painting. Its a energy artwork best viewed when you begin from the base, the spurt and surge of the energy , vibrating from the base in a spiral form .

Kundalini energy is the higher level of spiritual phase of any enlightenment process. Individuals strive to reach this level which is very difficult to attain. Reiki and my whole process of energy purification with all the emotional, physical turmoils going on, this energy painting is a result of the Tapasya or exercises and meditation i was going through during this spiritual phase of this beautiful journey of The Red Pilgrim... Tapping the self energy or reserved energy from self, Kundalini!

A moment of awareness, feeling of spiritual connectedness with the universal life force, moving with the flow, a self realization, of hidden potentials, breaking through from past beliefs, thoughts and resistances, and freeing the heart from unseen bondage, acceptance, confidence and freedom. Being in the moment is doing your karma/work/life journey without expectations and selfless thoughts. Continuously striving to choose the positive each time ,each second ,each moment, there is always a choice.

A process of going through a lot, after doing Reiki , Year 2000. A lot was happening in my life, the process of unfurling, the gradual process of blooming, it took years and years.. Changes, transformations, the feelings of being in some other place, doing something else, rather than where I was...emotional turmoils, relationships, health, mental emotional, anxiety fear and securities, a sort of confusion before the storm. . .left my secure job as a teacher, did not know what the Universe had planned for me, just went with the flow! the abstract has been done with main focus of spiritual energy of grounding and stability.

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi




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