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Karuna Reiki Rays, Keys to Higher realms, Aum! Blessings

Karuna Reiki Rays, Keys to Higher realms, Aum! Blessings

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Karuna reiki symbols have the energy and purpose to end the suffering, to transform and step ahead in spiritual phase. Brings assistance and supporting energy , compassion, towards self and others. 
Karuna Reiki Rays, Keys to Higher realms, Aum,   Karuna Reiki Rays Keys to higher Realms  Price mentioned is for single artwork without frame. Recycled old art paper, acrylic paints. Size 11x15 inches. Oil sketch paper and drawing cartridge paper. 
Developing more compassion, understanding and tapping into higher energy realms the progress towards Karuna Reiki.
Aum ,Om is very powerful symbol. the first sound of the Universe it has the energies of the Universe. The source of all creation. 
A- conscious state, waking state
U-subconscious dream state
M- subconscious deep sleep state.
The fourth state, silence, stillness, it represents absolute awakened state, high consciousness, alertness. 
The symbol opens up pathway to higher consciousness and God.
Helps in purifying aura and space.
Releasing fears and insecurities, supporting our today for a vibrant future.   karuna Reiki symbols heal the mind body and spirit and brings in harmony and peace, alignment with higher self. Aiming to bring fulfilling life experiences and joy. 
Thank you very much for coming by  Razarts!
Reiki Blessings! The Red Pilgrim!
SKU: 02227
  • Details

    Title-  Karuna Reiki Rays, Keys to Higher realms,Aum!

    Artist-Rizwana A.Mundewadi

    Size - 11x15 Inches

    Materials-  Acrylic  on recycled art paper and hand made paper

    Year-    2019.

    Style- Calligraphy, Symbolism, Healing

    Status-  Available


    ID.No.  –02227

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