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I Am Healed Happy Hara Chakra!

I Am Healed Happy Hara Chakra!

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Vibrant Orange healing, the Reiki colors for solar plexus and Hara chakra in this symbolic modern  healing painting. Size of this Reiki symbol calligraphy abstract painting is 9.5x13.5 inches, Year 2014. Hand made paper and canvas. Artwork is signed and comes with authenticity certificate. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free. 
After extensively reading on healing and continuing to self heal, over the years I have come upon that root cause for many life problems are these two chakras, imbalance here affects the whole body and life. 
The Reiki symbol for healing  past life traumas, the powerful energy symbols for protection and purification, bring about a vibrant energy to heal the chakras.
This painting is done on canvas with a backing of hand made paper in dark blue.

The Sacral Chakra, Swadisthan chakra, awakening your creativity, joy, happiness, emotions, Identity, self expression, movement, flow of energy. 
Personal ethics, morals, personal desires, self esteem, arrogance, egoist. Depressive nature. 
Lack of energy here- low esteem, depressive, aimless, no focus, aloofness, guilt, indecisive, rigid attitude, judgmental, fear of change.  
The body parts affected by imbalance of this orange chakra, kidney , bowels, stomach, liver, bile, sexual organs, reproductive systems, weight gain or weight loss, 
A happy chakra- balanced, creative, warmth in behavior, open to suggestions, healthy sense of self esteem, healthy sexuality, graceful and enthusiasm for life to keep this chakra charged with positivity. 
Basically feed your creative energy and balance this chakra, have fun, enjoy little pleasures in life. 
Enjoy the shower of healing! All the Best from Rizwana!

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