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I AM GOLD! Precious Framed Painting

I AM GOLD! Precious Framed Painting

₹200,000.00 Regular Price
₹160,000.00Sale Price

I AM GOLD, a spiritual Ashtamangala painting with prominent healing colors, Eight Auspicious Tibetan symbols for prosperity and good luck. The painting is very lucky, framed in acrylic light weight frame of brownish maroon color with a golden rim inside.

Size is 24x38 inches done in acrylics on canvas in year 2014. Varnished and in Very Good Condition. Artwork is framed without glass and will be shipped in a wooden crate.

Comes with online Authenticity certificate. For those who wish to collect the painting directly from my studio shipping charges will be deducted.

So Happy to share that this beautiful artwork has been in the lime lite! Selected for the Thane Art Festival, the City's biggest art festival!13 ,14 and 15th February 2015, Amazing crowds and beautiful response!

Spiritual Symbolic Reiki healing painting, the color Gold, the ultimate level of ladder of spiritual enlightenment. Vibrant Gold a, orange Yellow, copper and antique gold, all colors healing the solar plexus, the root cause for many diseases, chronic and spiritual karmic pains. Complete Healing and with the dominating bright color orange and golden it sure is a great feng shui painting for any space.

The painting glows from every angle and you can see different images as you move, wonderful effects and I loved painting this artwork as the colors show happy solar plexus chakra.

The copper color is visible from one angle, and in specific light, and other wise it seems GOLD! Had a tough time Photographing this beautiful painting, and assured the original is far more beautiful and healing than the Photograph.

Eight Auspicious symbols from Tibetan Buddhism, Dhavaja, Endless knot, Lotus flower, Parasol, Golden Fishes , Conch, Dharamchakra Wheel and Bhumpa. Reiki symbols, from higher level, Opposite Cho Ku Rei's , protection, purification and goodluck. Emotional healing Reiki symbols Se He Ki. The painting has been inspired by color field paintings of Rothko, and wanted to bring out a healing effect from single color painting. Loved the sheer beauty of simplicity, minimalist and yet very beautiful strong symbolism in this spiritual healing artwork.Enjoy Spiritual Bliss!

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.God Bless from Rizwana!

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