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The Amulet Copper Pots of Protection and Abundance!

The Amulet Copper Pots of Protection and Abundance!

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The Amulet and the Hand! Copper a beautiful metal, used since ancient times for activating water. Influenced by Egyptian symbols, Tribal and Sufi symbols. Protection symbol, Prosperity codes , sigils for family bonding protection and love. Beautiful painting for activating wealth and evil eye protection energy in home.
The Amulet of protection. A pair of Pots symbol artwork by healing artist Rizwana A.MundewadiTwo, the energy in pairs, Very good feng shuii symbolism. Done on card paper in  using acrylic paints. backed with hand made textured marsala coloured card paper 10.5x14 inches. without frame. shipping free.
Art is in Very Good Condition and comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me.
All the Best from Rizwana!
SKU: 00504

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