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Circles of Happiness! Abundant Tapestry of Life!

Circles of Happiness! Abundant Tapestry of Life!

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Circles of happiness, abundant tapestry of life. Modern Healing cubism abstract painting by healing artist Rizwana A.Mundewadi. oil acrylic on oil sketch paper and hand made yellow card paper. A design, pattern of life,   circles of happiness! Joyful energy uplifting,  with bright yellow hand made card paper.  size 13x17 inches. Best Feng shuii painting for any space in home or office. especially great for Dining and family rooms as Goodluck painting.
Patterns,colourful circles, symbols, Chinese calligraphy. Feng shuii symbols of life flowing in harmony and joy. Tapestry of life, a pattern of life, a plan for life in this healing painting.The painting is  bright and bold  positive vibe feel. 
There is so much power in colours and symbols. Surround yourself with colours, symbols, energy art and see your life change miraculously! The Universe has everything in abundance, you just have to tap this correctly.  Best spiritual cubism healing painting for any room, especially children's room, dining room and office.
Thank you for coming by Rizwana's Razarts!Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading good health wealth and joy to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings!
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  • Details

    Title- Circles of Happiness! Tapestry of Life!

    Artist-Rizwana A.Mundewadi

    Size - 15.5x17 inches.

    Materials- Oil Acrylic on Oil sketch paper and hand made card paper

    Year-    2009.

    Style-  Cubism, Calligraphy,Healing, Geometric

    Status-  Available


    ID.No.  –01316

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