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Chocolatey Hearts  Bon Bons of Happiness Asmr art

Chocolatey Hearts Bon Bons of Happiness Asmr art

₹19,900.00 Regular Price
₹15,920.00Sale Price

Happiness Chocolatey Hearts! Asmr art, Chocolate inspired artwork, Best expressions of love happiness and Joy!

Dining room art, children's room, bedroom art, and family room feng shui painting to attract well being, joy, family bonding and wealth. This festive season choose the healthy option of Chocolatey Reiki healing art!

Unique gifts to bring a smile on everyone's face! Gifitng art on special occassions, Newly weds gift, marital luck art, anniversaries and Valentine's day gift.

Acrylic on drawing cartridge paper,

size 9x12 inches,

price does not include frame.

Shipping free..

Goodluck dark chocolate colour, hitting the taste buds and five senses with visual appealing healing art!!! The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, brings feel good factor, relaxation. Contentment. Delicious, melting moments of happiness!

SKU: 00093

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