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ABSOLUTELY PURE! KUNDALINI! Reiki healing canvas painting

ABSOLUTELY PURE! KUNDALINI! Reiki healing canvas painting

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  • Absolutely pure, healing painting, Awakening kundalini. Size of this painting is 26x34 inches after leaving sides for framing. Acrylic on canvas , year 2016, one more in the series of Kundalini Awakening!
    Absolutely pure, clear focused thoughts, one sitting, pleasant happy feelings,.spiritual bliss. Going through a spiritual purge! confusions, emotions, energy bursts, spiritual visions,  and finally Awakening , yet,  am with the subject of Kundalini, thoughts bombarded in my brains, energy, the vibrations of Kundalini energy, the latent energy hidden in every individual, yes, it can be tapped, either by yogic practices, meditation, or even by leading  simple pure spiritual  lifestyle. The subject no doubt is vast and each one experiences it differently. While some say a spurt of white energy moves with force from the base, dark, spinal column, and passing from each chakra, and with a positive force overflows from the crown chakra. Then some feel extensive heat, building up in the back area of the spine and neck. Some feel seizures, and maybe the body trembles a bit . The process of Awakening Kundalini goes over for years, at least I have gone through for years, not an easy one. Trials, tried and tested, time and again from Universe, health, wealth, relationships , every aspect of life, till you have gone through the turmoil, comes the dawn , the ray of light, its really a very beautiful experience! Things begin to happen! Yes, its as if a flow, of energy, life moving on gracefully, suddenly all is healed! Immense Happiness, a trance, yes the burning of the back and neck is too much ,many times. but worth the effort! The energy always has to be used in a constructive, positive manner for the benefit of others , 
     Blessings from the universe have come to a balanced form, and not only am I at peace but this also spreads to people who are near me and who are related to me. Suddenly you become a people magnet! An Abundance Magnet!  and also the many emails and queries that I receive from my art lovers and blog followers, Always wishing for their best and going with my gut feelings and spirit guides, intuitions. 
    The painting has been done in basic colours black, red and green, turquoise, french ultramarine with the white energy sparks. 
    Kundalini is what healers describe a pair of snakes, coiled energy form at the base of the spine. The energy exists in latent form and needs to be activated. This can be done by meditation, exercises and a spiritually rich lifestyle of pure intentions.  The energy moves into sparks, a spurge, a rush of energy and a soothing force. Each one has a different experience with Kundalini Awakening. The Awakening process may be a few minutes or years together with gradual changes.
    Healing art helps and assists in this process, a beautiful expression from my healing energies, the painting is a spiritual abstract with dominating blue, minimalist, yet strong focussed effort to achieve this feeling. Pure Kundalini!
    All the Best from Rizwana!
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