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Why Spiritual paintings are bought more today?difference between spiritual art &religious art

Spiritual paintings are connecting with many people and going deeper to soul healing people are striving to find peace harmony peace in their lives. Inclinations towards choosing spiritual inspiring motivational paintings is on rise.

I Thrive! Zibu Tina symbol modern Reiki collage
I Thrive! Zibu Tina symbol modern Reiki collage

Spirituality is emerging in every individual and people are trying to go in for spiritual art works to have peace and prosperity. Peace is what the mind longs for in this fast paced world of technology internet and stress of reaching somewhere other than where we are now. people are so obsessed with their technology gadgets that everyone else is becoming secondary. The mind is shutting down from reality to virtual. we have to stop this or at least slow this. Live every moment of your life, be in the moment and enjoy every moment. Spiritual paintings take you to that happy place without leaving your home! Just like Exercise and healthy food is good for the body as also spiritual paintings are the food for the soul. Displaying artworks having symbolic interpretations affects our mind positively and we are refreshed by viewing such works. Daily reminders, positive affirmations, self empowerment artworks are uplifting and energizing.

Who are spiritual artists? The individual purchasing spiritual artwork may not be very spiritual but the artwork grabs the attention of the viewer and they like it. Spiritual artists are persons who like to make art on spiritual symbolic themes. These artworks may be symbolic or also simple abstracts without any images. Spirituality gives peace and its definition can be different for different individuals. An spiritual artist may go on making artworks using particular colours and also certain symbols. These may not be religious symbols but also things that are symbolic representations of something else. The spiritual artist may not be very religious and also they may not follow any religious symbols. Many are trained in some pathy to heal as psychic healers like reiki masters Physiotherapists, and even medical ,para medical professionals may tend to lean towards making healing paintings if their artistic side is tapped. Art is an expression of the artist and they put their thoughts on the canvas. This makes the symbols work.

Usually ultramarine blue, purple and gold white colours are associated with spirituality and spiritual healing art. Also lighter shades of many colours are more soothing but this depends on the artist as I have seen artists carry their art well even with reds and greens. Red colour indicates positive energy and green colour is used to represent prosperity and growth.

It is good to display spiritual paintings to heal the environment. As we do daily exercise these paintings give us daily dose of positive energy. The viewer on purchasing such artworks gets to enjoy the healing daily and over the years as also the value of the artwork keeps increasing. In Feng Shui it is considered auspicious to display symbolic and spiritual paintings to ward off evil energies and bring positive energy in the environment.

It is important to remember that an spiritual painting need not always be a religious symbol painting. Religious symbols and religious figurines are painted, God figures, mantras and spiritual texts pertaining to specific religion or custom are specifically religious paintings. There are Hindu mythology religious paintings, animal paintings, celestial creatures of Japanese culture, Judaism artworks, Egyptian symbol paintings, Islamic calligraphy paintings etc that are chosen by specific religion culture people to cater to their soul longings.

Symbolism is one of the categories of paintings. It has been followed by many artists over the years who come to be known as symbolic artists. Many artists use symbols and different icons to represent their thoughts and emotions. These symbols may be any religious symbols or may be some representative symbols.

Many religions have deities that are painted by symbolic artists and these artworks are also sold on emotional basis as they have the market always. Some people prefer buying other symbols representing some concepts. Like a ladder symbolizes success and upward progress, a lamp symbolizes hope whereas a lotus symbolizes enlightenment. Birds are representative of freedom and waterfalls in a painting represent financial growth. Green pictures of plants and flowers indicate prosperity.

Understanding symbolic artworks also depends upon each individuals experiences and cultural preferences. Symbolic means represented in a different form than original. A beautiful flower may symbolize love hope growth and a dried twig may symbolize losses depression and aloofness. Colours also are used differently by symbolic artists to represent different themes. Some countries symbolize white colour for mourning whereas some represent it for purity. Every artist has their own choice of colours and colour meanings.

Before going in for purchase of spiritual symbolic art one has to first think about our own experiences and likes and dislikes. This is most important that you feel joyful with being surrounded symbol art. If you had past negative experiences with a place or flowers have broken relationships and this brings sadness to you on viewing every time then you better avoid such images of negative memories. choose instead what brings you joy! Remember what is liked by one may not be what everyone will like and that pertains to flowers also. It is ok not to like everything that others like. Some people are not comfortable with religious symbols hung on their walls and may prefer other representative symbols in spiritual artworks. It is also possible to get a commissioned painting from the symbolic artist according to your tastes by Talking over and meeting the artist personally and understanding the artworks helps in making the right purchase of symbolic artworks. Some people just love the symbols and my art buyers specifically want to see the symbols to connect with it visually and soul fully. Spiritual calligraphy abstracts are such a beautiful way to energize your home and office decor and in turn also keep attracting your hearts desires!

Spiritual paintings have universal appeal and can be purchased and used by any culture or religion follower. Symbols used are those that are understood easily by everyone and accepted as general good luck symbols all over the world.

Also the colours used in the spiritual paintings keep emitting rays which in turn give colour healing and this colour therapy leads to increased confidence, motivation and success in life often termed as healing paintings. In this times of stress and chaos art is a respite. Meditation and yoga help to keep the mind cool and relaxed and healing artworks hung here add up to the focus of health and mental peace. Professionals who are involved in creative work very strongly need to be focussed to give good results. Most of the times our energy is drained and however much you try hard to produce some good work it is not possible. Remember if the mind is going through an emotional turmoil chaos, then it becomes very difficult to focus on work.

Art in form of balm to your soul will assist you during these stages of life. Healing paintings bring peace, harmony, stability, and give the desired push in your life for moving ahead. Reiki art is a energy pure form of transferring the intent of the healing artist to the receiver, the art buyer/viewer.

My original Ancient symbol Reiki Feng shuii Sigil Codes paintings are power packed with harmonious energy symbols and colours to activate all life sector. I strive to find combinations of symbols codes sigils energy colours shapes forms to bring fast results. Remember life is short live it well!

If you want to achieve success and wealth You must go minimalistic in lifestyle choose my Reiki paintings for life energy activation. You will notice each artwork has tons of energy and symbols for specific intent put up that is a pure form of art to attract abundance and family as well as heavenly blessings. Surround yourself with symbols of abundance!!

Empty clutter and have only that which is important for you, life becomes simple focused and brings so much clarity, you understand your priorities and you really start to work towards your goals fulfillment. Each day becomes a celebration! Life is beautiful.. we just have to tap this correctly!

Fit your life puzzle pieces into p-lace by choosing your Reiki symbols and find the missing link connection with Reiki energy art, add some healing art now!

Much Love Peace and Light to You!

The Red Pilgrim!!

A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art

You Tuber The Red Pilgrim Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading joy, health, wealth and success with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings!



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