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Accelerated Ascension energy Opening of The Lion's Gate Ritual Guidelines How to Manifest correctly

Most mystical energy of The Opening of The Lion's gate! August 8th of every year you can tap into this preciously accelerated energy timing for asking any wishes results faster. Magic is in your hands, that is true, if only you realize your hidden power potential and accept!

Activation of Energy Opening of Lion's Gate
Activation of Energy Opening of Lion's Gate

Personal Power activation Reiki spiritual calligraphy painting
Personal Power activation Reiki spiritual calligraphy painting

We all know there is specific time when wishes are fulfilled, that happens also every day if you are receptive and alert. Hasn't it happened for you when you said something, wished for and suddenly it happened? That is what we call the magic moment which happens each day for everyone. Dawn times, late afternoon and past midnight are special times when you get to experience magic of words. Let me guide you the ritual of Opening of The Lion's Gate to manifest anything and everything with multiplied energies.

If you would like me to assist during this do share your list of wishes by email and pay for the distance Reiki letter , $ 175, which will be sent to you online as soft copy so that it becomes easier for you to keep the paper under your pillow or hang this in your private space for continued Reiki blessings. You can also request Distance Reiki session for $150 for seventeen minutes from any where around the world. Buy specific intentions healing paintings to be displayed in your home and family for personal power activation, empowering reiki, health, wealth success ,peace joy.

Keeping mind clear, intentions pure and never hurting or thinking bad of anyone else for the fulfillment of your goal brings faster results.

The Lions Gate opening is the most powerful timing day in the full year which has amplified powers to manifest any wishes. August 8, is the day where you can prepare before hand for all list of your goals and wishes. There is an portal, tremendous start energy. Brightest star of the sky Sirius which is also known fondly as our spiritual sun, rises above the eastern horizon opening the Lion's Gate. This is an energy portal through which very strong powerful star energy is activated and sent to earth. Accelerated ascension, major immense energy shifts are possible in this period. This is free for everyone who search for it.

Use this time and energy, opening of the Lion's Gate portal, for your benefits. It is believed that while this gate is open everything moves faster. Multiplied manifolds energy boost for any wishes so you can shape your reality if you are aware of this auspicious timing.

How to plan for Lion's Gate opening day for achieving goals?

Plan ahead this brings clarity as to what is important in your life, think and don't just go with dreams and goals the world has set for you and your life.

Purify space, clear clutter and burn incense or sage for making the space of your home or office where you are on this day to be receptive to blessings coming in. Clogged energy stops flow of new incoming energy hence most blocks of failed wishes happen due to this reason, the space itself is full and cannot take on anything new, so no progress in life happens even if you keep praying continuously.

be specific-if you wish wealth, state a figure, numbers bring clarity. Juts asking wealth money has no symbolism, money can be few coins also. Quote a figure for every day, every week, every month, every year.

clear intentions(if you are having confusions write down on paper your valid wishes). Avoid scribbling and striking out texts. hence I say, be specific clear.

avoid confusing negative thoughts and doubts and also self limits and self doubts. Ask anything with assurance that Universe provides from her limitless source.

Be practical! Be realistic! Do not stop dreaming but also asking for a large villa and higher amounts if your family is small and lifestyle is simple will go against the design of karma. I always say anything excessive is harmful for anyone.

Stop judging while you manifest dreams. Seriously this is why the Reiki magic stops most times, self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts.

Multiplied powers at such times can be achieved if family has many reiki healers or Reiki masters.

Accelerated energy increases power of full family, has same goals, faster results achieved. Hold hands sit in circle, you can light a small candle in center,

All tube lights, extra lights must be kept on during this ritual.

Do keep alone timing while sitting for meditation at this time.

Keep your phone silent or off during the ritual of this Lion's gate opening day. Few minutes clear intentions can bring anything your heart desires.

Use the full day even when you are having meetings, working, cooking, doing activities to keep connected to the source by praying your wishes and goals. repeating them brings more power to them.

You can set reminders in your mobile phone also to remind you about your wishes every hour for this day for drawing energy faster.

If you are suffering from chronic disease , mental issues, serious health issues, please write down positive wishes and forget about it, the Universe will do the needful. This is also true that it is not always necessary that you intervene, The Universe gives you your karmic full. It is when we ask, she has to oblige sweetly for worldly tasks and wish fulfillments, there is everything in abundance with the Universe, no limitations as to thousand dollar, million dollars, big business ,small business, fifty employees or thousand employees start ups, no limitations for asking.

Please do not ask anyone for sitting in this ritual for you with your wish list. You have to do this yourself only. Remember the world will be full of healers, spiritual practitioners, sadhus and yogis using this energy so do remember to protect yourself from any negative thoughts and energies because it may be a chaos of thoughts fasting at accelerated speed.

Powered wishes with my beautiful Reiki, be open to receiving. Accelerated Ascension The Lion's Gate Opening Reiki healing arts meditation asmr video on

The day is auspicious August 8, you may have specific magic moments but we need highly specialized careful energy meditation for that. Find peaceful moments from your schedule for this day. Opening of the Lion's gate is absolute magic of the Universe where she opens up her limitless source of abundance for anyone who looks for and searches for. What you will get will be immense blessings from the Universe, maybe immediately within few hours of asking, maybe few days, months, may also take years, maybe something different, maybe something really great for you , and we all never know what is best for us, wish for anything, trust the process, you will purely receive the BEST!

Allow Reiki to assist you with your life goals and lead a contended life full of joy!

All the Best The Red Pilgrim!

Professional Reiki Healing artist since year 2000 dedicated towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my spiritual symbol soul perkup art!



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