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Kiwilicious Water Melon Punch!

Kiwilicious Water Melon Punch!

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Kiwilicious 8! Water Melon Punch! Best Reiki Feng shuii fruit painting for dining rooms.

The Kiwilicious Collection has beautiful fruit minimalist healing artworks for Joy! Kiwilicious! Inspired by the tangy powerpacked full of vitamins , exotic fruit that I love! Kiwi! Health,love,happiness, wealth! Great Feng Shuii paintings for dining and kitchen areas. Limited collection , The Kiwilicious Collection has modern symbolic fruit paintings 15x11 inches, acrylic on cartridge paper, year 2017. Absolute freshness of the mind body and spirit! All paintings are numbered and signed by me and comes with Authenticity certificate of Artwork signed by me.

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana! the Red Pilgrim!


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